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Fanned Flue Too Close To Openable Window

Is my fanned flue too close to an openable window?

Fanned Flue To Close To Openable Window
Here is an example of a fan flue being too close to an openable window. Martin explains, is it really too close or is the gas engineer trying to make more money out of me?

Time after time you hear of these stories about the boilers being shut down as At Risk, Not To Current Standards or even Immediately dangerous.

For those with an NCS boiler issue due to the flue being to close to the window, there no need to shut the boiler down. When there an AR problem when the flue is too close to the window, the boiler has to be shut off and an At Risk tag applied to tell the person responsible that they are warned not to use the boiler. An ID due to the boiler flue being too close is where the gas pipe has to be blanked off.

Just below are questions asked relating to the fanned gas boiler flue being too close to the window that people ask but most importantly explained. Continue reading