The Inherent Dangers of a Burst Sewage Pipe

The Inherent Dangers of a Burst Sewage Pipe found by an Emergency Plumber in London.

Burst Sewage Pipe

Burst Sewage Pipe Diagram

One of the most obvious dangers when it comes to plumbing is anything having to do with your sewage line. Many issues involved with plumbing, in general, aren’t going to be quite as serious as a break in a sewage line. If you live in London or really anywhere else, there are plenty of plumbers who will gladly do the dirty work for you. But, things can escalate from needing an emergency plumber in London to needing an Emergency Room in London in no time. It’s important that you take steps to mitigate the damage to your home, but most of all to the health of you and your family.

Perhaps the most insidious of all problems when dealing with a sewage line burst is the toxic gas. This is something that won’t immediately cause your house to smell overwhelmingly bad, but you will be able to sniff it out if you’re discerning. It’s a good idea to not linger in your house any longer than you have to. This is largely because the methane (which is one of the main gases that will be emitted) can cause gas poisoning which will in turn cause respiratory problems, sore throat, and even asphyxiation.

Thus, at the first sign of a particularly foul smell coming from underneath the house, you’ll want to get you and your family out. An emergency plumber in London or elsewhere will help you get the house free from toxins and livable again in a short amount of time. But, the problems can get even more sinister than that if you’re not careful.

Indeed, there are plenty of harmful bacteria in your sewage pipes that could possible end up causing severe damage to your health. Bacteria like salmonella or pinworms can make their way into your house via even slightly split pipes. Of course, these bacteria can cause some extensive illnesses that might put you in a hospital bed for a while. Sometimes, the symptoms will seem to show up out of nowhere and you might not even recognize that your sewage pipes have been compromised in any way. Of course, during any severe illness, it’s more important to go to a doctor than it is to find a way to fix your pipes.

Even so, once you’ve received a clean bill of health, you’ll still need to come back home to a house free from toxins. When it comes to finding an emergency plumber, London has plenty that will be more than willing to get their hands dirty and shift your home into what it used to be. Just remember, at the first sign of any major (or minor) sewage leak, you should simply make plans to stay elsewhere, call a plumber, and let them sort out the details.