Flexible Plastic Pipe

Flexible Plastic Pipe Information Also Know As Flexible Metal

Plastic Tectite Pipe

Flexible Plastic Pipe
8 Reasons to consider Tectite Flexible Metal for your flexible plastic pipe.

Flexible Plastic Pipe – Tectite Flexible metal is a brand new product to the UK market and the first time Multi layer flexible metal tube has ever been offered to the UK installer in 15 and 22mm!

For information regarding the installation process please see the alternate article here.

  1. Manufactured by Pegler Yorkshire Tectite has sold 0ver 100 million plumbing fittings since 1998. These fittings are developed by Pegler Yorkshire who boast over 100 years of British manufacturing experience.  The Flexible Plastic Pipe or Flexible Metal system is no exception from Pegler Yorkshires extremely high standards of quality and innovation and every system is guaranteed for 30 years.
  2. The flexible plastic pipe allows improved installation quality. Tectite Tube can be formed into the tightest bends by hand due to its aluminium layer, in fact 3x its external diameter with a bender and 4x by hand.  Plastic by comparison is double that and it requires a Former. Tectite tube will simply stay exactly, where you put it. This opens up the possibilities of combining offsets, 90⁰ bends and a host of other forms with no joints, keeping your installation clean, tidy and unobtrusive. Not to mention the flexible plastic pipe saves you time and money!
  3. High performance – Straight into a boiler. Unlike other flexible systems, Tectite Flexible Metal combines Multi layered pipe with its integral aluminium layer and solid Metal Push-Fit technology.   This results in a system which can perform to a maximum operating water pressure of 16bar and Temperatures of up to 95⁰! With this in mind Tectite Tube can be connected directly into some new boiler installations
  4. Reduction in Fittings. Tectite Systems can reduce the number of fittings used in an installation by up to 40%. When compared to a traditional system, a vast number of Elbows and couplers can be removed thanks to the tight bend radius and long runs from the coil.    Tectite Tube is also available in 3m straight lengths.
  5. Swift, clean installation of the flexible plastic pipe. The absence of consumables such as Flux and solder not only make Tectite installations cleaner and more efficient, they also ensure the system is as clean as possible. This is a real benefit where appliance warrantees are concerned, some of which stipulate the system must be completely free from flux and solder etc.
  6. Heat free. With work spaces growing ever more cramped and a growing trend for hot work permits, flame free jointing is a huge bonus. With Tectite Flexible Metal, the pipe preparation and high performance Metal Push-Fit jointing require no flames or expensive tooling.
  7. Minimal tools. Only a calibrator, depth marker and bending springs are required to install this professional push-fit solution.   Other multilayer offerings require large, cumbersome and expensive press tools, not so here. Little to no start up cost and far easier to install in confined spaces, Tectite Flexible Metal is improving the quality and efficiency of your installations.
  8. One fitting suits all plumbing installations. The Tectite Classic Fitting, which forms the joints for Flexible Metal Pipe, is not only suitable for Tectite Tube! It can also be used with Copper, PB and PEX and is therefore the only fitting you need to carry for Potable water, central heating, chilled water applications and secondary returns.   This means not only new installations, but Classic can also save you time and money on retro fits and plumbing repairs.

Flexible Plastic Pipe Information
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