Leaky Water Pipes

Common Causes of Leaky Water Pipes

Leaky Water Pipes
They say prevention is better than cure. So before you have to Search ‘Emergency Plumber London‘, we think it is best to let you in on some of the main reasons your water pipes often leak. Leakage from various plumbing fixtures, mainly pipes, is one of the major water damage causes in our homes today. There are various reasons why a seemingly perfect pipe today, will start leaking tomorrow. Some of the reasons are:

Deterioration Or Shifting:
This is one of the reasons your pipes leak that is not so easy to detect nor prevent. Chances are your house has been standing for quite a long time. The fixtures are getting old. Naturally, the pipes, drainage and foundation even begin to deteriorate due to this prolonged period of use. they begin to rust and leak, sometimes from crevices in numerous places. Also not helping is the natural shifting of your house’s foundation. This causes the joints in your house’s plumbing to loosen and sometimes even completely separate causing water leakage. It may be only a drop or two every minute, but over time this water causes major damage to your house. Not to mention the water bill.

Temperature Change:
Nobody likes taking a cold shower. Well, maybe some people do but not everybody. Point is, you need both hot and cold water running through your house. These temperature changes within the pipe might cause some pipes to burst or crack leading to leakages. Some pipes freeze during winter and contract, when water runs through them, the expansion causes crevices to form which in time lead to leaks.

Unregulated Water Pressure:
If your plumbing is not done right and the water pressure coursing through your pipes is not regulated, they might burst or crack. This needless to say causes water leakages. You need to have a pressure regulator installed to prevent this from happening.

These are seemingly unavoidable in any household. The number of things that can cause drainage clogs is daunting, from grease, to hair, pieces of clothing like socks, food, toilet paper and sometimes even children’s’ toys. Once clogs form, the one sure way to detect them is noticing that your sinks and toilets are draining much slower than they normally do. Your best bet here is to find emergency plumbers and have them take care of it immediately otherwise in no time at all you will have a house full of leakages from plumbing joints that overflow and eventually cause water damage.

Bad Workmanship:
This is a less common cause of water leaks in homes but it does happen. Hiring an unqualified plumber or doing the job yourself when you are not quite sure you know what you are doing can cause water leakages in your plumbing. Mostly because the joints are not done right or tight enough, use of inappropriate material or maybe you just caused a different problem while repairing one and didn’t notice it.

Water leakages in homes, once detected can easily be repaired and further, much more costly damages avoided. Hopefully you will not have to look up emergency plumber London’ any time soon, but should the need arise, do not wait. Get straight to solving the smaller problem to avoid having to deal with a much bigger one.