Replace a toilet estimate

How much should it cost to replace a toilet by John an Emergency Plumber in London

How much should it cost to replace a toilet
If you are looking for a quote on how much should it cost to replace a toilet from an emergency plumber in London or anywhere else in the UK then have a read of this by John an experienced plumber with 16 years experience.

When getting a phone call asking on how much to replace a toilet, then the first reply would be, how much work needs to be done. The most logical answer when explaining the cost of a toilet would be, that all prices are based around an hourly rate but also including the materials. Giving a price over the phone is normally known as a plumbing estimate rather than a quote, in most cases a plumber can come up against work that was never mentioned over the phone. As john has plenty of experience in quoting over the phone, John normally finds in 50% of the time, there is always something different with most jobs done as an emergency plumber in London.

How to Estimate the cost of a toilet

Fitting a new toilet in the London area can be a little bit more expensive than fitting a toilet anywhere else in the UK, the first answer to fitting a toilet would be from an emergency plumber in London is; as long as the soil pipe is good for connecting and it is a straight forward swap over then the amount of labour should take no more than 2 ½ hours. Due to the amount of experience John has in London as an emergency plumber, 50% of toilets can turn in to a bigger job for the reasons noted in a list below.

  • Is the wall and floor suitable for screwing in or attaching the toilet to make secure for the guarantee reasons.
  • Is the Soil Pipe to the back of the toilet a good fit.
  • Is there a good 15ml copper pipe or an Isolation valve in a good place to take the old pipe to the new location.
  • Will there be any need for expensive drill bits and extra time allowance in drilling any holes just in case they were porcelain tiles.

It is always very important to fit the toilet so that the customer has full satisfaction, but it is also noticed that plumbers that estimate a toilet fitting, does not quote for the full extent of the work that really need to be carried out, which is most often the case when a complaint arises. A small majority of complaint in plumbing are also due to the engineer fitting the toilet incorrectly due to them either not having the correct tools, a lack of common knowledge or just the fact that the correct materials were not available.

It is also well noted that getting an experience emergency plumber in London or any experienced plumber in the UK is always the best action to take. So if you are looking for your plumbing issue to be resolved without the hassle of looking for a plumber, then feel free to call Martin Smith who will make sure you get the best to plumbing can offer.

The cost to replace a toilet in London should be about £150 or more

As a rough estimate to how much it should cost to fit a toilet in London, then you should expect to pay a minimum of £150 plus the supply of the toilet including materials.