Signs that you might need an Emergency Plumber

Signs that you might need an Emergency Plumber

Modern living is such that things like running water are taken for granted. Most people just expect to be able to turn on a tap and get fresh water, or flush a toilet to get rid of waste. They are simply amenities that have come to be expected in the 21st century. So when the water stops flowing properly, it can cause a major interruption in the routine of daily life. There are any number of problems that can crop up in the plumbing system of a house that require the expertise of a professional to diagnose and repair. If you find yourself in need of plumbing help quickly, a call to an emergency plumber is your best bet for fast relief.

One of the first signs of trouble is often just a drain that is taking longer than usual to empty out. Perhaps you are shaving with a sink full of water and pull the plug when you are done to empty out the bowl. Instead of quickly flowing out as usual, the water might linger in the sink and even make some noise before finally draining completely. When you notice that kind of issue, there is likely a clog building in your drain. While it is not yet completely clogged, you don’t have any way of knowing when it might clog totally and possibly overflow. Pay attention to a sign like this in order to avoid major plumbing disaster.

Another indication of impending trouble is water that is coming out of your faucets slower than normal, or without the usual force. This can indicate a problem in the supply lines that bring the water into your home. If this is occurring in the winter months, it is a good bet that a frozen (or partially frozen) pipe is to blame. Instead of hunting down the offending pipe yourself, place a call to an emergency plumber right away. The plumber will be trained in finding blockages such as a frozen pipe and will have the proper tools and know-how to remedy the situation. If you try to tackle the issue on your own, the pipe may become fully frozen or even burst before you are able to fix the problem.

You also might find yourself in a situation where the toilet will not flush in a normal manner. If there is a clog in the drain lines of a toilet, the water might simply swirl around in the bowl but not get sucked out as usual. The water level could remain steady, or even rise if the clog is serious. In the process of trying to clear the block and testing the toilet by continuing to flush, you might create a situation where the water overflows the bowl completely and you have a major mess on your hands. Trusting a professional to fix the problem right away is the safest course of action.

If you start to notice your water system not functioning at its regular speed or capacity, make sure to address the problem right away. A call to an emergency plumber before the water gets totally out of hand will save you in the long run. The plumber will be able to listen to your problem, test the system, and quickly make the appropriate repairs. When it comes to water in your home, safety first is always the best policy.