Tap will not turn off

Tap will not turn off, what can I do? An emergency plumber in Plymouth explains

Tap Will not turn off

What will you do to stop a running tap?

Michael the Emergency Plumber in Plymouth once fixed a tap that would not turn off. As one of the best emergency plumbers in Plymouth, Michael believes when fixing a running tap that will not turn off that the job as to be done correctly and to the best of his ability. Michael has been an emergency plumbing engineer for over 16 years but has never come to a job as fixing a tap that will not stop running like this one before. A customer called one morning at 3am screaming “I need you here now”. The emergency plumber’s Plymouth first thought was; ‘is this woman crazy or is this woman from Plymouth in a real emergency situation’. Like most customer’s who have had water running out of there tap, calling at 3am in the morning are normally very tired, very stressed and worried about the cost of an emergency plumber, especially if you live in Plymouth where the cost of plumbing is up by about 10% more than normal rather than being out in the sticks such as Cornwall and Devon.

Most 24-hour emergency plumbers in Plymouth would say “turn off your Main Stopcock and I will be to you first thing in the morning” even though the 24-hour emergency plumber is adamant that he/she is not going out to fix the leak, that they still insist spending 20-minutes on the phone trying to tell the customer on what to do. In Michael’s opinion, a customer can spend over an hour looking around for a emergency plumbing engineer in Plymouth and a few of them insist in telling them what to do wasting valuable and stressful time. No wonder some customer get up tight and come across rude when requiring a plumber to come out and attend an Emergency Call in Plymouth.

When Michael attended the plumbing emergency in Plymouth with water running out of the tap, he was first greeted with a hug, then a smile of happiness. With every plumbers dream the customer offered to make a cup off tea and a few biscuits to go with the cup of tea. “3 sugar’s please” explains Michael the plumber. First Michael tried to fix the tap by screwing the head back on well getting drenched with water but tried saving time rather than looking for the Main Stopcock. Michael then managed to turn the stopcock off, which was hidden behind the toilet of the Cloakroom. From here the job was easily done and fixed within 5-minutes.

The moral of this article is not just about 24-hour emergency plumbers in Plymouth fixing a tap that won’t turn off and customers wondering what they can do, but as a nation of a plumber’s description in what they do as a job. It as come to Martin’s attention that 9 out of 10 24-hour plumbing emergency engineers are not on call 24-hoour as they say they are. This makes customer very uneasy and stressed well looking for a plumber in the middle of the night. If you ever come across this situation and require an emergency Martin Smith has connections with over 350 emergency plumbers throughout the UK and will be looking forward to contacting us. We also thank Michael the emergency plumber Plymouth for sharing this story with us.

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