Understanding the Power of Water Can Save You Time and Money

Understanding the Power of Water Can Save You Time and Money

Water is a very powerful force. It carves out landscapes, turns the turbines of hydroelectric dams, and can wipe out entire cities when a flood develops. Water is necessary for life, but it is also very dangerous in the wrong circumstances. In much the same way, water in your house is a balancing act between needed and dreaded. When the water stays where it belongs (in pipes, sinks, etc.) it is helpful beyond measure. However, if it breaks out and find itself inside walls or on the floors, it can be a major home disaster. If you encounter water where it doesn’t belong at any time in your home, call an emergency plumber right away.

The first sign that you might have water breaking out of the pipe system is the sound of rushing water coming from somewhere in the house. If you think you hear water, make sure to investigate fully until you either find the leak or find where the sound is coming from. If you have had a pipe burst inside of a wall or other hidden area, you may not see the water itself until it is far too late. By exploring the cause of any water noise you may hear, you can catch the problem before it gets too serious.

If you do find water is leaking into your house through a broken pipe, backed up drain, or other source, the first thing to do is shut off the water to the problem area. This could mean using a local shut off valve if the water coming from an appliance like a washing machine, or turning off the water to the whole house if you have a burst pipe in a wall or in the basement. As soon as you get the water off, place a call to an emergency plumber that can come out and trace the exact source of the problem. This is an important step to make sure that the problem gets fixed properly and doesn’t reappear any time soon. If you opt to fix it yourself without the proper tools and knowledge, you are only asking for trouble.

One other thing to be aware of when dealing with a water leak is making sure you track down all of the water that got free. This is especially important if you think water got into interior places like inside walls or below cabinets. If you just allow the water to sit where it ended up, it can lead to dangerous mold and hazardous conditions inside your house. For example, drywall that has gotten wet during a leak will likely need to be cut out and replaced. Be thorough in checking all of the affected areas for water damage, and have repairs done as needed.

It can only take one leak to turn a quiet day at home into a major crisis. By responding in a quick fashion and shutting off the source of the water, you will be able to minimize the problems that you face in getting it repaired. Also, the sooner you get an emergency plumber to come out and review the damage, the faster it can get fixed and back to normal. By investigating the leak completely, and hiring a pro to do the repair work, you can feel good about avoiding any further water damage in your home.