12mm Copper Pipe

How to fix a leak on a 12mm pipe

12mm Copper Pipe Water
12mm copper pipe in Bury! We recently took up an emergency where a plumber had turned up to a job and told the customer “sorry I can not do this, because this was 12mm pipe and I only carry 10mm pipe on my van”.

The emergency plumber in Bury did explain to the customer that it was very unusual to have 12mm copper pipe in a home, but better still, I will call a plumber out to this. However the plumber knew our emergency plumbing company and the reputation through a social site. The plumber got on the phone well with the customer and called Martin Smith to explain there was a 12mm copper pipe installed within the wall and it was definitely 12mm. Martin is very sceptical to these type of phone calls, knowing this is more than likely going to be 10mm pipe and not 12mm copper pipe. The customer explained if we don’t have 12mm pipe then it is pointless us coming along. However I sent one of the engineers Lee Campbell to attend, knowing there was something not quiet right with this and Martin had received the wrong information due to the plumbers lack of experience. Lee campbell a emergency plumber near Bury had arrived and found out that the 12mm pipe was in fact a 10mm pipe and then repaired.

How to repair a 12mm water pipe without 12mm fittings

It is possible that you can buy 12mm water pipe in some areas, but it is very rare and is not used in central heating. It was brought in for mains water distribution to outside resources, however if either builders, plumbers or even DIY emergency plumbers have managed to get there hands on this pipe, then it can possibly be fitted, but not under any type of BS regulations meaning, it could of been done under a customer doing a plumbing job. If coming across 12mm copper pipe and needing to repair the pipe, this can be done without the need for the fitting required. It does not come under any BS regulations, but can be under temporary conditions and may also be permanent but without a guarantee. Any job that is done that is not under BS does not carry a warranty as it is seen under manufacture as unsafe. To fix a 12mm copper water pipe, all you need to do is, cut the 12mm copper pipe with a hacksaw only and not a wheel, as this can change the shape making the end of the pipe oval. Insert a 10mm pipe and make sure there is sufficient flux (self cleaning) on the outside of the 10mm and the inside of the 12mm. Insert both 10mm and 12mm copper pipe at a minimum of 20mm of more. Once both pipes are inserted then you can solder them together. This operation can also be done with 10mm pipe and 8mm pipe.

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