180 Pipe Bending Machine 15mm

180° Pipe Bending Machine 15mm Information & Reviews

180 Degrees Pipe Bending Machine 15mm
Looking for 180° pipe bending machine but don’t know where to find one? Martin Smith an emergency plumber did the same when searching for 15ml pipe benders that do 180° and all he came up with was these pipe benders in the picture to the right, which he bought over the internet. Finding some really cool pipe benders on the search engine was not easy as Martin had experienced due to the amount of people selling them.

How much does it cost to buy 180° 15mm pipe bending machine?

To buy a 15mm 180° pipe bending machine, you would be looking at 149,90 € which comes to £125,93 in british money, which includes the VAT and packaging. Maybe it’s not a cheap to buy but very well worth the money if your looking to make them high quality bends in the pipe.

Where can I buy the 180° 15mm pipe bending machine

You can find the 15mm 180° pipe bending machine online by searching the keyword ‘ESSKA 180 copper pipe bending wrench‘. Click into the site and you will find a range of different sizes to choose from starting from £55,54 plus VAT and packaging if your looking to buy them for 6mm pipe.

What sizes do they do for 180° pipe bending machine

The sizes they do for pipe bending at 180° are 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15.

What pipe can the 180° pipe bending machine be used for

180 Degrees Pipe Bending Machine 15mm

Martin Smith never knew what pipe it could be used for, so to trial the 180° pipe bending machine, Martin had to put it to the test. The first test was using the standard 15mm copper pipe in the picture to the right and this is what happened. The pipe was kinked, GREAT!

So the next test was to place the flexible plastic metal pipe made by Tectite in the main picture above. Martin uses the 15mm plastic metal pipe for his plumbing emergencies and general plumbing jobs and the result was looking great, however you may have to place your hand slightly on the bend as it is forming. With the knowledge Martin the emergency plumber has about bending 15mm copper pipe, even though soft coiled copper has not been tested, we are sure it can be used on soft copper. If you find your using soft copper with this 180° pipe bending tool, then please send us in a picture and we will add it to this article by including your name and the name of you plumbing business.

180° 15mm pipe bending machine reviews

If your looking for a review about the 15mm pipe bending machine and Martin’s thought on this, then please carry on reading as Martin the emergency plumber explains below.

“After I bought this product and tested it, my thoughts were, what a great tool. Due to me using 15mm Techtite plastic flexible pipe, I now know I can bend the pipe 180° at such a tight bend, which in my opinion is amazing. Too be honest, I think I will be using this tool very often and never regret buying this tool as I will be doing work that most other emergency plumbers would love to achieve. I would also like to buy some soft copper to find out what I can achieve with the 180° pipe bending machine”.

How long does it take when buying these 180° pipe bending machine

The company that sent this tool out called ESSKA was a good service to be honest and Martin received the product within a week considering the 180° 15mm pipe bending machine had come from abroad.

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