Pipe Slicers In 8mm

Pipe Slicers in 8-mm 10-mm 15-mm 22mm & 28mm Information With Questions Answered & Reviews

Pipe Slicers In 8mm
Looking for a 8mm pipe slicer? In the past, many years ago, there was only a hacksaw, until the adjustable pipe slicers came out. For a while they were looked upon as making the job so much easier, however the adjustable pipe slicers were not great in tight areas, then there was the 15mm pipe slicers, followed by the 22mm plumbing pipe slicers.

After a success in use with these pipe slicing tools, they then brought out the 28mm pipe slicers for the larger pipe. Until the last few years, the 10mm pipe slicers had come out which was great, specially when it come to an emergency plumber attending a plumbing emergency, where a 10mm radiator pipe is leaking in a tight place. The was only one pipe left in the domestic house hold, that was the 8mm pipe. Who wants an 8mm pipe slicer as there isn’t much 8mm pipe about. Not us plumbers! Wrong! As there was so much demand for these pipe slicer, there is now a pipe slicer that can also do 8mm copper pipe.

Where can I buy an 8mm slicer?

You can buy an 8mm pipe slicer from some good plumbing companies, but if your looking to do this well staying in the comfort of your own home, then the 8mm pipe slicers can be bought online by searching the keyword ‘buy 8mm pipe slicers’.

8mm pipe slicers reviews

As Martin Smith is an experienced emergency plumber Manchester, he finds most often that there is a leaking pipe in tight areas. To cut an 8mm pipe has always been very awkward. Using 8 to 22ml mini adjust pipe slicers would always wobble, then all of a sudden the 8mm pipe slicers had caught his eye. Since the 8mm pipe slicers, Martin now has his owned and added to a collection of 28, 22, 15,and 10 mm pipe slicer, Martin has not looked back and finds that all the work which include the tight areas of 8mm pipe so much easier with 8mm pipe slicers. Martin would definitely advice when carrying an emergency plumbing stock and emergency plumber tools that 8mm pipe slicers is a MUST.

How much do 8mm pipe slicers cost and which brand should I buy?

The cost of the 8mm pipe slicers cost to buy are between £8 to £30 depending on the manufacture and the material it is made buy. Personally Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber who most of the time buys the best tools to offer that a cheep 8mm pipe slicer is best bought cheap. The reason to buy cheap is due to the amount of times an 8mm pipe slicer is used. It is pointless if other a period of 10-year the pipe slicers only used about 50-times when in this sort of time you may of either lost, left the tool at a customers or something else bizarre.

If your a fully qualified emergency plumber and would like to be recommended to a plumbing emergency that requires 8mm pipe slicers in a tight area then give us a call and we will add you to the plumbing register, but if your a customer wanting to work on 8mm pipe, then our advice would be to call the professional emergency plumber rather than taking a chance on DIY plumbing as this type of pipe becomes more complicated.