Best Toilet Seat

Best Toilet Seat 2014

Best Toilet Seat 2014
Want to know what the best toilet seat is for 2014. Depending on what you are looking for, we have to go on votes supplied by fellow emergency plumbers and the feed back from occupants sitting on the toilet seats doing what they do best. To determine the best toilet seat, we have to go with a toilet seat that is a fair price. The toilet seat that is going to come on top will have to be sold to a decent amount of the population so that negative feed back is allowed.

Does anyone know what the best toilet seat there is to buy

The first response would be to someone who doesn’t know much about the toilet seat would be “I don’t know what the best toilet seat there is to buy”. To those who have experience toilet seats may be able to tell you. The only way your most likely going to know what the best toilet seat is, you will need to spend £30 to £100.

Some people will say “What’s all the fuss about the toilet seat, you sit on them, you go about your business, all done and back to life”. Many years ago, this would of been the answer. Maybe the odd shout “Noise bugger, you’ve just woken me up”.

Getting the right toilet seat these days work around the home comfort and making life easy is very essential to most daily routines. Middle of the night, you get out of bed, quietly make your way to the bathroom, with minimal noise you then make your way back to the bedroom and back off too sleep. Everyone is happy and nobody disturbed.

Does having a cool looking toilet seat that does all these tricks make the best toilet seat the best

If your looking for the coolest toilet seat or any other toilet seat, then your looking in the wrong place as this is all about the best toilet seats only and not a toilet seat that is going to make you get board.

Someone may just try to argue that having the best toilet seat is in fact the coolest toilet seat, however, you also need to keep in mind that most occupants in the home will have a different views, so we have to go of the view of the occupants that have to use these toilet seats and that is by asking a load of emergency plumbers what they think.

The type of toilet seats that has been mentioned as the best toilet seat, but may come at a price are as list below:

  • Toilet seat that takes your weight.
  • The Thermochromic Toilet Seat.
  • Tabbed Toilet Seat.
  • Designer toilet seats.
  • Clever toilet seats.

Toilet seat that takes your weight

The toilet seat that takes your weight is not a huge success due to cost and not many people requiring them as some believe, can also lead to depression, if taken too serious. I would expect celebrities to have these types of seats.

The Thermochromic Toilet Seat

The Thermochromic toilet seat tells you where the last person has sat and gives you an idea of how long ago somebody has sat on the toilet seat.

Tabbed Toilet Seat

The tabbed toilet seat give everyone in the house hold there own toilet seat. Sounds like more cleaning, Well it is.

Designer Toilet Seats

Having toilet seats with a design is more of a fashion than looking at them as a possible successor. The problem with a designer toilet seat is that they go out of fashion very quicker.

Clever toilet seats

Having a toilet seats that do tricks for example: washing your bum, these toilet seats can be very expensive, but also be high maintenance causing more stress for who ever has to clean them up. You either like them or you hate them.

What Is The Best Toilet Seat

The best toilet seat would have to have a combination of a few different reasons as listed below.

  • Quiet toilet seat.
  • Easiest to clean & best hygiene toilet seat.
  • Quality & high resistance to breaking toilet seat.
  • The best warrantee toilet seat.
  • Toilet seat that match most toilets.
  • Toilet seat with current and future fashion.
  • Non expensive but good quality toilet seat.

With the above list in mind, the only toilet seat that matched this description is the toilet seat in the above picture, it is quiet, easy to clean, but also very good with hygiene, high quality & very strong to breaking resistance, not too expensive, 5-year of more guarantee, fashionable and matches most toilets sold in the past and present.

If you like fitting the best toilet seat and your a fully qualified emergency plumber, please visit the plumbing register or if your a customer looking for a fully qualified plumber with experience of how to fit a toilet seat correctly, then please give us a call on the above number.

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