Approved Plumber

Approved Plumber

Approved Plumber
Are you looking for an approved plumber or are you an emergency plumber looking to become an approved plumber? Looking for an approved plumber is very hard because of the amount of work out there where the emergency plumber has to be approved including the incentive. If your an approved plumber, then your most likely going to get work that your unable to get by not being approved such as replacing the underground pipe towards the mains water stop valve.

What does WIAPS mean

WIAPS stands for Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme. WIAPS is the name of the company that runs the scheme for those wanting to be an approved plumber. It’s like saying who is Gas Safe or who is Oftec. To be apart of WIAPS you have to join as a member. To become a member of WIAPS you have to prove to them your competent.

How does the plumber benefit from being an approved plumber

The benefits of becoming an approved plumber is that you don’t need to pay for any membership. The approved plumber can start work on any premised immediately. The customer will most likely benefit for a further inspection. More work as open to more contract work. Will always have updates and carry an ID card showing that you are an approved plumber.

Why use an approved plumber

Using an approved plumber will assure the customer that the work is being done by an emergency plumber that has proved his capability that he/she is at the best knowledge of making sure the work is done to a high standard. If the occupant uses an approved plumber, then if there was anything to go wrong related to the approved plumber, this will always help out the case when and if it ever wen tho court, where the occupant can virtually walk out.

What sort of time would it save me by getting an approved plumber in comparisons to a plumber that is not approved

The difference is when using an approved plumber, as long as the approved plumber is not too booked up in his/her work, then the time in getting the work completed could save you an estimate 2 to 4-weeks but this is just an opinion from Martin Smith an emergency plumber.

What do I require to become a member of the approved plumber scheme

To become a member, there may be a fee but unsure to this. You will have to have certificates in plumbing to prove that you are fully qualified. Once you have the qualification, you will be given an assessment and maybe more.

What does WRAS approved stand for

WRAS approved stands for Waste Reduction Advisory System and is very closely linked with WIAPS. There are plenty of people that at current and in the past have got mixed up by saying the plumber has to be WRAS approved, however this terms is incorrect. It is the fitting’s that is WRAS approved and not the engineer. The engineer will be an approved plumber and a member of the WIAPS.