Emergency Speedfit Fittings

What Emergency Speedfit Fittings do I require to carry on my van has stock

Emergency Speedfit Fittings
As an emergency plumber it is always essential to carry plenty of emergency Speedfit fittings on the van as stock. In most cases when carrying an emergency stock of materials there is always something not quite there. It is the reason why Martin has decided to give you a reminder and a list below for you to check what emergency Speedfit fittings you may need when attending a plumbing emergency in the future.

  • 10ml Speedfit staights x4.
  • 10ml Speedfit bends x4.
  • 10ml Speedfit stem bends x4.
  • 10ml Speedfit tees x2.
  • 15ml Speedfit staights x8.
  • 15ml Speedfit bends x8.
  • 15ml Speedfit stem bends x4.
  • 15ml Speedfit tees x2.
  • 15ml Speedfit blanks x6.
  • 15ml Speedfit tap connectors x4.
  • 15ml Speedfit flexi tap connectors x2.
  • 15ml Speedfit flexi pipe x2.
  • 22ml Speedfit staights x4.
  • 22ml Speedfit bends x4.
  • 22ml Speedfit tees x2.
  • 22ml Speedfit blanks x4.
  • 22ml Speedfit reducer to 15ml x2.
  • 28ml Speedfit staights x2.
  • 28ml Speedfit bends x2.
  • 15ml Speedfit isolation Valves x8.
  • 22ml Speedfit isolation Valves x2.
  • 10ml Speedfit pipe x 2 meters.
  • 15ml Speedfit pipe x 3 meters.
  • 22ml Speedfit pipe x 2 meters.

Emergency Push Fit Fitting

Martin Smith believes the best type of emergency push fit an emergency plumber will carry on his van is the Emergency Speedfit Fittings, this is due to the amount of work and the evolution of the fitting from plenty of testing. John Guest Speedfit fitting is a well known fitting amongst plumbers and also a trusted company my NAZA, a company that is always looking into the future.

What are the fitting Speedfit good for

The fitting’s made by John Guest are great for pushing on pipe and have a quality fitting quicker than any other fitting, but at a high standard also. It is always great to carry John Guest Speedfit fitting as they are very reliable and also carry a good name knowing the customers are going to be happy. The emergency Speedfit fittings are well known for lowering the risk of the customer calling you back if the fitting has not succeeded in sealing and has started to leak as long as the fitting has been fitted correctly.

An example to fitting a Speedfit incorrectly would be fitting them within a meter of the boiler pipework. Not pushing the pipe far enough onto the pipe (TIP: Always mark the pipe inserting into the pipe).

However like any fitting you may find that the seal has failed in the manufactures moulding process however this is rare but is always a good idea to check, but to be honest you can find this with any fitting out there.

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