Emergency Compression Fittings

Emergency Compression Fittings for Plumbing Materials

Emergency Compression Fittings
Here we have emergency compression fittings for plumbing materials list and Information for emergency plumbers in the UK. In most case well being self employed you would have left over stock from a previous job and will only buy when the required materials are need buy. The only problem here is, if you an on call emergency plumber you will require a good stock as in most cases when have an emergency compression stock your most likely going to be without Leadlocks. To make sure you have the correct stock list when on a plumbing emergency Martin has a list below of emergency compression fittings.
Emergency Speedfit Fittings

  • 5lb lead lock x3.
  • 6lb lead lock x3.
  • 7lb lead lock x6.
  • 8lb lead lock x3.
  • 9lb lead lock x3.
  • 8ml Compression couplings x2.
  • 8ml Compression bends x2.
  • 8ml Compression tees x2.
  • 8ml Compression blanks x1.
  • 10ml Compression couplingsĀ x4.
  • 10ml Compression bends x2.
  • 10ml Compression tees x2.
  • 15ml Compression couplingsĀ x8.
  • 15ml Compression bends x8.
  • 15ml Compression tees x2.
  • 15ml compression blanks x8.
  • 3/4-Inch Couplings x2.
  • 22ml Compression couplings x4.
  • 22ml Compression bends x2.
  • 22ml Compression tees x2.
  • 22ml Compression reducer to 15ml x1.
  • 28ml Compression staights x2.
  • 15ml Isolation valves x8.
  • 22ml Isolation valves x1.
  • 15ml Mains stop valve x1.
  • 22ml Mains stop valve x1.
  • 15ml Gate valve x1.
  • 22ml Gate valve x1.
  • 22ml Pump valves set x1.
  • 15ml Washing machine valves x4.
  • 15ml Back plate and bib taps x1.
  • 8ml Radiator valve includes drain off x1.
  • 10ml Radiator valve includes drain off x1.
  • 15ml Radiator valve includes drain off x1.
  • 15 Thermostatic vadiator valve and raducers x1.
  • 15ml Filling Loop (Flexi, 2x Blanks, Non return valve + Isolation Valve) x1.
  • PTFE x2.

Emergency Compression Fittings Materials Information

It is always a good idea to keep a stock of olives and nuts as spare. What is also a good idea to to keep some special olives that you can use on the old 22mm couplings to help if your going to use the standard size 22mm compression fittings. If possible it is a good idea if using compression on copper pipe with water in then it’s good practice to use these type of emergency compression fittings in site and not buried to lower the chances of having to call out an emergency plumber. If your looking for a plumber and required one recommending, we have other 400 emergency plumber UK wide we can put your details other to.