Plumbing Complaint

Plumbing Complaint – What is the worse that could happen

Plumbing Complaint
A big welcome to my plumbing complaint. When should ever a plumbing complaint be so welcoming. In the picture to the right wasn’t a complaint at all, however, Martin an experienced emergency plumber will use the picture as an example. If you would like to see a real complain the please visit bad plumber or good plumber and decide for yourself.

These days it is very important to have terms and conditions on your web site, but most importantly, on your invoice book. Depending on the type of plumbing emergency your dealing with, it is always best to have everything in writing. Most people will work on verbal contract, however, there is a majority out there that will twist the trust to make money. People twist the truth to either suit the plumber or the customer, however someone has to loose out.

One of the worse situations is, you do a big plumbing job to find out that the occupant doesn’t want to pay on completion and not at all. This can either be deliberate or intentional, either way, there’s always an excuse.

A typical excuse from an emergency plumber is that, “I told the customer, due to the plumbing emergency being a temporary plumbing job, there will be requiring further work”, Job paid and receipt received by the customer. The mistake that is commonly done, all work is guaranteed unless stated on the invoice. Even though it was a temporary plumbing job done to the property, it must be documented on the invoice, so that both parties keep a report and that there is a full understanding. Again this can be a misunderstanding and turning into a plumbing complaint by the customer, where the emergency plumber gets angry and the occupant doesn’t understand why the job wasn’t done correctly in the first place. By getting a signature to the completion of the work, it also shows that everything as been done for job satisfaction. With every invoice produced, a minimum of 12-months guarantee has to be given on every invoice, unless stated on the invoice by law, unless special circumstances explains otherwise.

A typical excuse from a customer, where the emergency plumber has given an invoice and has turned into a plumbing complain is, “Im not happy with the work, I want you to come back and put it right” This happens so many times, sometimes it may happen intentional, sometime not. Martin Smith has heard this excuse so many times before. when Martin explains to the engineer, “did you put this in writing”, all the plumbing engineer can explain is “no”. It could be a crack in the toilet, it could be a leak that occurred from a fitting, which was separate from the work that was done. Either way, the plumbing complaint is always pointed to the emergency plumber. Again, this is why it is very important to get the work in writing and a signature to show that the customer is satisfied.

Having a plumbing complaint costs the economy a lot of money in the UK every year. By doing the work properly and to a full understanding, there can be so much money saved, which includes fuel and time it takes getting to the customer and back.

If your a customer that has a complaint, but the plumbing engineer is not complying with the guarantee, the first thing that you need to do, is call the trading standards. Once the trading standards have been notified of the plumbing complaint, they will most likely ask you to send this in writing record delivery. If the emergency plumber doesn’t reply in any way, then you are in your rights to take this to the small claims court and asked for some kind of compensation. Before asking for you compensation, you will require to get all the facts on what is in your right to claim. Going to the court may not get all your money back immediately, however, it will arrange for payments to take place. If the payment of payments are not met by the instructions of the court, you are then in your right to call upon the sheriffs to collect the payment by means of court and then it is up to the person paying, to defend themselves with further payment.

As stated in the paragraph above, if your an emergency plumber chasing payment, then it is the other way around, where the plumber can chase the occupant for any money owed.

The moral of this plumbing complaint article, is that, when doing any plumbing work at all, it is always best to have a contract that secures both parties of the occupant and the plumber. Soon Martin Smith will explain about bond payment, which will help both emergency plumber and customer, when it comes to a plumbing complaint, so that it gives more fairness in the work that is taken place. If your an emergency plumber that need further plumbing advice, then feel free to give us a call and feel free to visit our plumbing register. If your a customer that has a plumbing complaint and would like a report, then please feel free to give us a call and get the right plumbing advice available.