Water Damage

Water Damage Due To Plumbing Issues

Water Damage
Have you had water damage due to a burst pipe or other type of water leak but unsure on what to do. Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber will explain everything you need to know about water damage.

Apart from floods, caused by rain, water damage floods in the home are caused by burst pipes and leaking appliances. The water damage can be due to bad workmanship, accidental damage or natural wear and tear. How ever, you would like to find out about the damage caused by water and the best way to correct it.

All furniture in the home is dry and away from any moisture, when bought from new. It is the job of the occupant to make sure it stays this way, so that the ageing process is kept to a minimum. When water is mixed with furniture such as carpet, wood and any other goods, it then breaks down the strength. To dry out the furniture there has to be air. Unfortunately, air has an ingrediance for bacteria and other nasty things. From this you will get growth and the growth needs to feed but has to find it’s feed from somewhere. Unfortunately anything the growth can get it hands on, it will eat, this includes your furniture, carpets, wood and other goods. This is why we call this water damage, once the drying process is complete. Once you have water damage, all you can do is renew what ever water damage there is.

Water damage can cause more hassle than expected such as smells, massive ageing of wooden floor. If you get water in areas that are pretty much impossible to dry, then there will become a very strong smell and a continues of growth, until it has been taken away and completely replaced. Here is what Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber has to say about a particular job he went to and the lack of knowledge the occupant had about what water damage the customer had in there home.

“I attended a plumbing emergency job that had tiles laid on the floor, on top of the tiles was a laminated floor. I explained that the floor does need to come up and they could use there insurance to get a replacement. However, the occupant explained they might be getting a new kitchen in the next year or so and just hope the laminate will just dry out. What they didn’t understand, there is no way the air can circulated under the laminate floor and for the moisture to make it’s way out. The water damage therefor will be the perfect place for growth, the growth will cause a smell in the air and make it’s way around the house”.

The smell will stick to anything it can and then have it’s own way of ageing, whatever it sticks to. If you have a couch in the next room with a moisture smell circulating the next room, you will then expect your furniture to age 5-times quicker and may only last 5-years. This is why it is so important that any water moisture is dealt will and any water damage is fixed straight away to protect the investment you may have in your home.

If you have water damage and would like it dealt with immediately, then give us a phone call and we will put you in touch with the right people. If you have a possible water leak, then we can investigate it by giving us a call. If your house is flooding, then we can get you out an emergency plumber any where in the UK within reason. If you need any plumbing advice we will help you out. If your a emergency plumber, then join our network at the plumbing register. If you have any interest news about water damage, then we would like to know about it by sending us a email to: emergencyplumber@me.com