Plumbing Inspection

Is it a good idea to get a Plumbing Inspection done

Plumbing Inspection
Martin explains the importances of getting the home plumbing inspection done. This can also be done in the commercial premised as well as the domestic. In most case, within 5-years, you can find yourself requiring an emergency plumber and plenty of damage, if the inspection is not done.

When getting plumbing inspection done, it is very important that the plumber that is doing the inspection is very clever in the plumbing industry, a bad plumbing inspector may not find faults as guided in instruction for any plumbing work.

In a survey done it is found that 99% of homes, there can either be a fault, leak or instruction have not as follows. If and when getting a complete house refurbishment, you can get a second opinion to make sure the work that is being done, is to satisfaction. Most plumbers having there work looked over would see this as an invasion to there working space and would always be against this. The unfortunate thing in life is that, if you took away any plumbers that could not do the job correctly, there will then not be enough plumbers in the UK to cope with the demand. So if your a plumber reading this and think “I hope I don’t get an inspection”, then don’t worry, the law will protect those plumbers and be given the chance to correct any work that has not been done as within the instructions.

How much would it cost to get an inspection done?

In most cases a basic inspection can be done within the hour but if your looking for an in-depth inspection, this will include looking in hidden spaces such as, under the floor boards, this can take a couple of hours or more.

If you are very lucky and you have a plumber already on site, you may find that the plumber may give a simple inspection for free, but if your looking to log all defects and possible future leaks down then there may need plenty of time.

What would I get when my plumbing inspection is being done?

If a plumber is doing a basic inspection, the plumber only needs to do a visual, but if the plumbing inspection is to be upgraded to an advanced plumbing inspection, then the work that would need to be included would be a CCTV for underfloor boards so that the plumber can see every type of angle within reason. All defaults or incorrect installation should be noted down and a fully advised statement should be passed over. In some cases, it may be a good idea to pass over CCTV footage over so that is an understanding of the condition of the plumbing work around the home or at work.

Who should I call to get my plumbing inspected?

To get your plumbing inspected and your looking for a reliable company to give you all the best advice, then calling Martin Smith is about the best option to take. We offer a 24 hour emergency plumbing service include a full inspection service when requested. To give us a call then use the contact details as shown above.

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