Water Leak Under The Floor Boards

How to find water leak under the floor boards

Water Leak Under The Floor Boards
Ever had a water leak under the floor boards but unable to find this leak. In most cases when calling upon an emergency plumber it may take hours to find but what if there was a way to find the leak in quicker fashion saving time and money for the customer.

Here we have a 5.5mm CCTV camera that can search underfloor board and in voids to find if and where the leak is coming from by drilling a hole at 6mm and inserting the camera into the void. You can record and take still pictures in order to help explain the leak and save time in pin-pointing where to start any immediate work.

This type of camera can be very useful with many different trades but as we are talking about the plumbing trade then this is what we are going to mention all the good point.

This camera is great for inspecting areas around corners such as boiler faults and leaks but also good in diagnosing faults even quicker. How many time will a plumber go to a water leak and find that to find the leak that they need to pull up every floor up pin the house. In most cases this happens allot cost either the customer or the insurance allot of money.

How much does it cost to buy a plumbers CCTV (Video Camera)

To buy a close circuit television video camera then you would be looking to pay about £200 upwards. The more you pay, the better quality and the smaller the camera. It is alway good to get one with decent recording time and a long life baterie especially if you are planing to keep this over a long period of time. This camera is best suited for an emergency plumber but can also be used on general plumbing jobs and boiler fault finding.

How long does it take to find a leak using CCTV

Finding a leak under the floor boards when not using special equipment takes on average 1-hour but can take up to 3-hours and sometime more. A 3-hour leak can all of a sudden take half an hour or on average 10-minutes as long as your an experienced plumber. When attending a leak without a CCTV the customer can easily get frustrated by worrying how long it is going to take and if in fact the leak is where the plumber says it is but with a CCTV the plumber can find the leak with better customer confidence and also show the customer exactly where it is leaking from and what work needs to be done.

What else can a plumbers CCTV camera do?

A CCTV camera can also look round toilets in the waste pipe but other type of pipes to find if the pipes are free from any obstructions. You can put the camera up an 8mm central heating pipe as long as the camera is smaller as there are bigger cameras out the. If anyone has any stories on what they use the camera on then please feel free to email us at emergencyplumber@me.com and we will include it below.