Sillicone Splitting

Why is the silicone splitting around the bath?

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Ever wondered why the silicone splitting behind the bath. Martin an emergency plumber explains why this happened and the remedy to solve this from happening again.

The first problem is the plumber you have to fit the bath and the experience he carry’s with him. The problem with baths are the manufacture give instructions on how to fit the bath but do not mention the most important part. The reason the manufacture don’t mention how to completely fit a bath is because the guarantee is not effected. If a bath is fitted on a solid floor then the bath is more than likely not to have silicone splitting.

Just before the bath is fitted in place, you will require some solid wood to be fitted on all walls that the bath is fitted against. Makes sure that any wood is solid screw or bolted to the wall so that there is no movement at all. Get the bath and rest it on the level wood so that the bath is level also. Once the bath is level but the wood is not against the bath, then the work has been done incorrectly. Always make sure that a level bath and wood are always  against each other. Never rely on the floor as there are most likely to be movement between the winter and the summer but also the weight of the bath when full.
Silicone Splitting
Presuming that there is tiles fitted to the bath then it is a good idea before you silicone a bath is to fill up with cold water so that the bath is at it’s healthiest weight. Before the silicone is applied then it’s a good idea to wear some disposable glove that are skin tight. Wet the finger that is going to used to spread the silicone and apply.

No More Silicone Splitting

That is correct, once the following has been followed then there will be no more silicone splitting. If you use the silicone shown within the picture, it has a 35-year guarantee which you should be able to buy from all good DIY stores or you can search the product online. To keep to the guarantee you will need to keep silicone survives clean and wash down once a week. It is also a good idea to read all full instructions to what to use before commencing.

How do I fix a bath that has Silicone Splitting

If you have a bath that has not been fitted correctly but at the same time you don’t want to take the bath out then the only way to stop the bath silicone for splitting is to fill the bath up full and silicone as normal. Once the silicone has dried that it a good idea to wedge all four corners as save as possible but it is very important to be careful as there is always the possibility of breaking the bath. Once this is done, it’s not the best way to silicone a bath but it’s the best you will get without taking out the bath.¬†The only similar article we have to silicone is the toilet flush pipe.