Multikwik Information & Most frequent questions

Multikwik® was invented in Holland by Mr Kleinoff in the 1960’s. Before the first Multikwik WC connector was designed, the only seal available around the toilet was cement, however this caused problems, which included cracks leading to leaks and an emergency plumber being required. So then came along the invention of the Multikwik as we know it today. Even though Multikwik is best known for WC connectors, they also offer a wide range of traps, compression waste and sanitary items. Multikwik is part of the Aliaxis Group.
Just below Martin an emergency plumber explains the top questions & answers when it comes to the Multikwik.
Multikwik Information

  1. Is Multikwik just a pan connector?
  2. How do I fit a Multikwik WC connector?
  3. What is the best Multikwik WC connector on the market?
  4. Should I always use a “Number 1” WC connector?
  5. Should the fins of the Multikwik WC connector be pulled out after fitting?
  6. What is the guarantee on a Multikwik WC connector?
  7. Why do some people call Multikwik, Multiquick?
  8. How can I tell that the WC connector I have is a genuine Multikwik WC connector?
  9. Why is it so important to buy a high quality WC connector?
  10. Where can I buy Multikwik?

Is Multikwik just a pan connector

Multikwik is best known worldwide for pan connectors – but also offers a wide range of other plumbing & sanitary products, such as traps, compression waste, and a recently extended range of sanitary items, from buttons to WC frames.

The Multikwik WC connectors have some distinct features: Multi-depth finns, reinforced seals and are manufactured from a specific formula, to make them flexible and reliable.

How do I fit a Multikwik WC connector

When installing a Multikwik WC connector, two measurements are required:

–       Measure the INNER diameter for the pipe size

–       Measure the OUTER diameter for the pan spigot

And with these dimensions choose your WC connector accordingly. They have created a guide to help you find the best WC connector quickly – you can find them in their guides.

How to connect a toilet pan to pan connector

Don’t worry if the pipe or spigot are not completely true: Multikwik WC connectors are manufactured using EVA, designed to be flexible.

Push your WC connector socket on to the pan spigot, and connect the finned end to the soil/ drainage pipe. If installing to cast-iron or clay pipes, use the supplied sachet of lubricant.

Handy hint: If you require an offset, measure from the centre line of your pipe to the centre line of your pan spigot. Never install offset connectors in an upwards position – water should be able to run horizontally or down! (see attached – Offset drawing)

What is the best Multikwik WC connector on the market

That’s a tough question! Multikwik produces the biggest range of WC connectors – more than 50 – and depending on the type of job, each of the WC connectors could be your best fit. The most popular WC connector are the MKS1 and MKS2 – standard straight WC connectors for modern or old pans. Make sure you read the next question, if you are unsure when to use which one!

Should I always use a “Number 1” WC connector

NO! It depends on which type of pan you connect to, and it is crucial you always pick the right one! If you are installing a modern BS5503/4 pan, always use the MKS2! If you connect to an old style BS1213 pan (mainly when renovating and replacing old piping) use an MKS1.

The simple rhyme helps:

Number 2 for NEW, Number 1 when it’s been done!

Should the fins of the Multikwik WC connector be pulled out after fitting

How to fit a Multikwik correctly
Please don’t! The pan spigot inlet seal is designed to make a watertight connection, when pushed inwards. This allows for a very secure, watertight connection. By pulling out the seal, you are taking away the final barrier – and this may lead to leaks.

What is the guarantee on a Multikwik WC connector

Multikwik has a guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. They also have BBA accreditation for many WC connectors, and comply to British Standards, which state that a solid ball of 80mm must pass through pipework unaided – this is even true for the WC connectors with boss upstands, reducing the risk of blockage.

Why do some people call Multikwik, Multiquick

That’s a good question – Since it was first set up Multikwik had its somehow quirky spelling “kwik” – this might originate from the Dutch language, as Multikwik was invented in Holland. We think that people who only hear Multikwik might assume the English way of spelling, leading to Multiquick.

Multikwik has become a generic term over the years, but only if Multikwik is spelt correct it will be a genuine Multikwik product, or information.

Other manufacturers try to copy Multikwik’s pan connectors, while trying to confuse customers with similar names – these are not genuine Multikwik connectors.

How can I tell that the WC connector I have is a genuine Multikwik WC connector

There are many things to help you distinguish a genuine Multikwik WC connector from a counterfeit product:

  • Multi-depth fins
  • Gold product label
  • Individually packaged products
  • Easy to understand step-by-step pictogram installation instructions
  • Each connector (except Multiclik, flexible and rigid WC connectors) is supplied with a bag of Multikwik lubricant
  • Multikwik logo stamp on product

Why is it so important to buy a high quality WC connector

A cheap alternative might cost you less at the start, but in the long run you might end up having to go back to the property and fix leaks. But not only will this cost you – your reputation might be at stake, too. A lot of the cheaper WC connectors also let through light, attracting rodents, which might damage the pipe.

By using high quality WC connectors you ensure a tight and leak free connection – now, and in the future. Happy customers will recommend you to friends and family, making you their unsung hero!

Where can I buy Multikwik

Multikwik is stocked by most of the national merchants, and by a wide variety of the independent builder’s merchants. If you want to find your nearest local stockist, you can send an email with your postcode to, and they will be happy to help.

If you need more information on Multikwik then use the search engineer by typing in Multikwik for more support on Multikwik products send an email to

If you ever find yourself in an emergency and require an emergency plumber due to a leaky toilet pan then call an expert on the number above, we will locate a the most local engineer anywhere in the UK.

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