Temporary Plumbing

Temporary Plumbing Job – Is it right or is it Wrong?

Temporary Plumbing
Are you an emergency plumber that has done a temporary plumbing job, being accused of doing it wrong. Maybe your a customer that has had a temporary plumbing job done, but never knew it was a temporary job until the plumbing gained a fault within the guarantee period. Martin Smith an emergency plumber explains situations, which appears to be a common thing when it comes to plumbing complaints with the plumbing industry. In the picture to the right of you is a typical temporary plumbing job that was done in the ground many years ago, but due to the work done, it was found due to a slight knock in the ground, the pipe had come apart. We have another job in another article similar to this under the name burst pipe in my garden.

Is it right to leave the customer with no water unless the work is class as a temporary plumbing job?

There can be many debates about temporary plumbing work, where the customer isn’t happy the work has been done to a temporary standard or the customer has no water and the emergency plumber is un-willing to do a temporary job. The truth is, as long as the plumber isn’t leaving the customer in a dangerous way and the plumber believes that the work can be left at least up to a week, then it is possible that the work can be done to a temporary standard. The only thing that needs to be done so that there is a full understanding between the customer and the emergency plumber, is that, the customer and the plumber signs the paper work, that the plumbing has been done to a temporary conditions and that there will be further work to complete the job.

What is wrong with leaving a temporary plumbing job in a bad situation?

It is wrong to leave a temporary plumbing job when the plumbing is in danger of bursting, causing major floods, unless it can be put in a controlled manor and there is a signed copy on both sides to explain the plumbing work is in fact temporary.

What should be expected with the emergency plumber when doing a temporary plumbing emergency?

The emergency plumber is expected to do the best he can without causing any further problems with the temporary period of the work until the emergency plumber is to return.

How long does a temporary plumbing job last for?

Leaving a temporary job until the work is completed, should last for no less than the arranged date of the plumbing is to be completed. If an emergency plumber was to say to the customer I have done the work, however, I can not guarantee it, as the plumber feels it’s unsafe, then the plumber need to recommend he/she carries on until the work is complete. The occupant can explain to the emergency plumber that, he/she is not to continue, but the plumber need to try and explain this within the receipt to cover her/himself that, the work was stopped by the customer.

What should the emergency plumber give the customer in terms of the receipt t protect him/herself from any future claims?

The emergency plumber should always include as much as possible to proof that he/she as tried doing everything to comply with the profession has been done to the correct standards, otherwise, the emergency plumber could end up in trouble.

An emergency plumber once said to Martin Smith. What if Im in a middle of a job and the customer locks me out of the house. First of all you call the police to retrieve your tools or maybe you have no tools in the house, you then write a letter recorded. The emergency plumber is then not responsible, however, every temporary plumbing job is different and there for has to be looked at in a different way. If you require any advice, then please give Martin Smith a call on the above contact number.