Toilet Bum Wash

Toilet Bum Wash or Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

Martin Smith explains the best type of toilet bum wash for those who like to stay clean.
Toilet Bum Wash
Martin an emergency plumber has his say. “I use to think I was the only perfect person when it comes to hygiene and having a bum wash until one day, I looked in to the facts that most people don’t clean there bum fully, but when looking in to the average person and how well they cleaned themselves, then the statistic are found to be over-whelmingly dreadful. We are all told to wash our hands after using the toilet, but what about the bum. Anywhere you go in this world you will find there is no appliances to keep clean such as wet wipe, soap or any other cleaning product apart from tissue. TISSUE!!! Is this all we have to go off in 2013. WAKE UP! If not out in the public then at least in your own home.

Until now we are finding small companies coming up with a new product in order to find a way to keep there bum clean by using a bum wash. Until last week Martin has been in discussion with a company who is making these bum washers for abroad and are now bringing this to the UK.

What is the name of the bum wash?

The name of the bum wash is the Bum Gun. Why? The reason for the name the Bum Gun is because, the device is very similar to a gun due to it’s shape, the rhyme, the trigger and the pressure of the water coming out.

How does the bum gun work

The bum gun rest’s nicely next to the toilet cistern on the wall ready to be lifted off and goes under the bum when required for a bum wash. You can also buy the automatic valve that turns itself off after so long. For an extra clean bum you could also use soap, but the most important thing is once your finished on the toilet, you will be left feeling as fresh as if you have just come out of the shower.

Where can I buy a Bum Wash or Bum Gun

If you make a search on the internet for bum gun store, you will find the bum gun wash which also include the prices and how to order your bum gun. The cost for these can range from between £40 to £60 depending on what design you buy. The valves are an additional extra that cost between £15 and £20.

Which is the best bum wash bidet sprayer

The best seller for the Bum wash has been noted down as the Titan, however they are regarded as good as each other and comes down to a design preference.

How do I install the bum wash known as the bum gun

To install the bum wash we would like you to take a look at the video we have for you below. If you find the version with the PTFE then please ignore using any PTFE as long as the fitting are fit for purpose.

Advanced Bum Wash

If your looking for a warmer bum wash that is not too cold or too hot then always ask a plumber to fit a thermostatic valve separate to the cold water going into the toilet cistern. This way you will get an advanced bum wash without the worry of the water being too cold for your comfort. As a cheap option, cold is still ok as noted by previous customers, not realising that the water is to cold and found this to be normal but everyone is entitled there own thoughts.

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As a national network of emergency plumbers and a recommending company we are happy to recommend an engineer to come over and fit the bum wash known as the bum gun.