Air Lock In Central Heating System

I have an air lock in central heating system how can I get this out?

Air lock In Central Heating System
Air Lock in my central heating system? Want to know how to get an air lock in central heating system but don’t know how to then keep reading. Martin Smith an experience plumber in Bury who also covers a service through-out the UK explains just below.

Please keep in mind that getting an airlock in central heating system there are a few different way where one may fail and the other may work. If any of these don’t work then it’s time to get an experienced emergency plumber out.

Ways to get an air lock out of a central heating system

  1. Turn your boiler on and turn ALWAYS keep at least one radiator on at a time.
  2. Concentrate on one radiator getting warm then move onto the next making sure that there is sufficient water in the central heating at all times.
  3. When moving on to the next radiator, always leave the last radiator on when turning the next radiator on and then turn the previous radiator off.
  4. If this doesn’t work it may be a good idea to turn off the boiler and do the same procedure but it will be a better idea to drain the complete central heating system first before commencing to the next stage.
  5. Always fill up the central heating system from the lowest point upwards.
  6. If this doesn’t work, check the pump is working, but this may also be a good idea to do this before step 1 also. Turning the pump between the number 1, 2 or 3-pressure can also help move the airlock and solve the problem.
  7. Another option will be to turn off the radiator that is working. This allows more water pressure to the radiators that are not getting central heating to. This is another easy option however there has to be at least one radiator working to start with.
  8. Once all radiators have been found to be working then turn all the radiators back on. If radiators are found to be going cold again then this will be a problem for balancing.
  9. Balancing is a badly fitted central heating system which can be achieved by closing the valves to either 50% off or more until full balancing is achieved.
  10. If your water is black then you will most likely may need a power flush and this may just be the reason for the radiators not warming up. If the water is clear then this shouldn’t be the case.

What tools are required to get an air lock in central heating system out

The tools that are required to get air lock out in a central heating system are as listed below.

  • Hosepipe.
  • Pair of grips.
  • Bleed Key.
  • Small flat head screwdriver.
  • PTFE

You will need to find a draining point located normally by the downstair radiators, but if not then you will need to fit one. When fitting a drain-off valve in most cases you should have a 15mm bleading point at the top of the radiator which you could temporary fit one. If not you may be able to find one located by the boiler. If you are still having trouble to find this there is 1 more option before you have to take the radiator off the awkward way. Check around the house for a 15mm pipe sticking out with a drain-off valve.

Take the radiator off and try to find a way to attach a pipe or just slowly drain central heating system. Personally has an experienced emergency plumber I may quickly undo the old valve and quickly swap the valve for a drain off valve or even freeze the pipe in order to make my job easier.