Unqualified plumber

Unqualified plumber, when will we be a nation of qualified plumbers?

Unqualified Plumbers
Are we in an industry of Unqualified plumbers and is this acceptable. Martin an emergency plumber explains about the amount of plumbers and the rise within the last 5 years, as the jobs are harder to find, due to a recession. If your a customer who has been a victim of the rise and the plumbing work done around the home, then your not alone, as it is as over 10,000 of these type of jobs are done everyday costing the plumbing industry over half a million pounds per month.

With the plumbing industry not at a strong point and there being no law to whether a unqualified plumber working at a home is ok or not. We all know one thing, an unqualified plumber is not the right guy to do the job however confident they say they are, as proven quality of work is lower than a qualified plumber to do the job. Martin Smith believe that we should be heading to an industry of plumbers, when it comes to installations an repairs, including an emergency work carried out. Firstly Martin an emergency plumber believes that this should be put into categories with regions starting with the likes of greater Manchester, where there are no shortages of emergency plumbers and working it’s way around the UK making sure that this does not become a problem with the economy. This will ensure to every job that is done, that the customer would receive a job sheet with the plumbers reference number, saving the cost coursed by the previous unqualified plumber.

Martin an emergency plumber, believe it is unfair, that a unqualified plumber receive the same wage structure as a qualified plumber, knowing that the time and stress it take to become a plumber is over 2 year and in this time the wage structure is so low for an apprentice. We believe that the biggest problem with the plumbing industry is the law of plumbing believes, that there is not enough plumbers to take the rush of plumbing jobs that come in, but Martin Smith believe with enough notice circulating around of say 2 years and a government scheme of apprentices that we could come together and achieve this. We also believe that if an apprentice or an unqualified plumber was to be with a plumber for at least to years minimum, then the company would receive a sum of money, where the apprentice would end up with a good carrier ahead of him.

If you are worried about ending up with an unqualified plumber when requiring an emergency plumber, then give Martin a call who will get an engineer to you within good time, depending on the type of emergency.