Washing Machine Extension Waste Pipe

Washing Machine Extension Waste Pipe best answers

Washing Machine Extension Waste Pipe
Martin Smith answers the top questions when it comes to washing machine hoses and there extension kits.

The first thought when it comes to the washing machine extension waste pipe is that where to buy it, what is required and how to fit washing machine waste pipe, then all of a sudden, “how much!”.

One of the questions asked was, “what is the maximum length of the washing machine waste pipe” which is to the bottom of this article.

When buying the extension waste pipe, you can either look online or buy it from any good plumbing merchant as a standard 1.5-meter extension or 2-meters. If you are looking for 3-meters or more then the best option is to buy a roll and use the self fitting’s as instructed.

How do I fit an extended washing machine hose

It is always good when fitting the washing machine hose that it’s fitted correctly or in most case it will be fitted incorrect where the hose may start to leak. Just below are some points made of incorrectly fitted extended washing machine hose pipes.

  • Screwing the fitting directly onto the hose.
  • Using PTFE to seal between the screw end and the waste pipe.
  • Silicone between the hose and the screw end.
  • PVC glue the fitting to the hose.
  • Jubilee the waste to the screw end fitting.
  • Fitting the waste pipe too far away from the dish washer.

The above are the most likely ways that are taken up when trying to fit extended washing machine waste pipes. Every time the above list of incorrect ways are done, in most cases end up in the occupant requiring an emergency plumber or simply a plumber doing his job incorrectly and the work having to be corrected. In most places the plumbing engineer ends up doing a job that may only last between a year or two.
Debor Adhesive Glue
The best way to make sure the job is done correctly is to use Decor Adhesive Glue which is found in most cases online and not at your local plumbers merchant.
Martin Smith gained some personal experience with this product which is the reason for this article. What Martin came up against was, no instructions, plumbers merchant not knowing what is to be used, main suppliers not knowing what is required to complete the job and the incorrect advice given, the manufactures being in chinese writing which is the reason for the non-instructuions. Finally Martin got a call from an experienced washing machine fitting company who were able to direct online and explain in great detail on how an extension washing machine is to be fitted.

If you are unable to find any Decor adhesive glue then an alternative may be a putty. Depending on the make of putty and the experience of using where some are not much good and other putties are great to use.

Craig came up with an answer as follows; the waste pipe should not be extended as it is designed with the pump in mind. Extended drainage instead.

Reply to Craig’s answer; Yes we agree to a point with what you have mentioned but when you call around trying to get a quote from plumbers ‘the customer in mind’ is looking for a quote no more in my opinion of £150. Fitting drainage is the ideal solution but would cost plenty of extra time and inconvenience in most cases. If the dishwasher was next to an outside wall, then this would be ok. We have done some extensive research in finding the best solution. In most cases with digital washing machines, if there is too much pressure on the pump then an error code would come up. In our opinion there is about 1 in 3-occupiers, when having a dishwasher and a washing machine fitted, there is more than 2-meters to get to the waste. In the last 10-years there has been no complaint in pumps going, apart from the odd few but is on a similar level as pumps going when the appliance is fitted within the distance of a standard waste hose. In most instructions the distance is not mention and is only a recommendation rather than a ‘Must’ or a ‘Should’ to extending waste pipe.

This article is for experienced DIY plumbers and must not be a guide for fitting from start to finish and is only for the use for key information. When fitting a washing machine it is always important to get the instruction where some instructions are not available, most can be downloaded via the internet.

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20th August 2013

Further investigation has been found out about extended washing machine waste pipes. After a few days of test or a couple of washes it was found that when Martin Smith used the dishwasher, it was not pumping out and was coming up with an error code meaning that there was to much pressure on the pump but please keep in mind that where one machine has failed, another has pass the test when in use of 12 months such has the washing machine that was also under test. Martin now runs the machine within the hose size to the outlet.