Water Pouring Under Sink

Water Pouring Under Sink & Need An Emergency Plumber

Water Pouring Under Sink
Do you have water pouring under sink and don’t know what to do. Thinking of just calling an emergency plumber. The emergency plumber turns up and decide what he can do, but due to the water shooting everywhere, he then has to decide on how best to deal with the water pouring from under the sink. In the picture to the right is an example of a plumbing emergency done my Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber Manchester. The story line in this article is about water pouring under sink and is all about the plumbing situations most of us plumbers deal with and how bad the so called plumbers leave us in for the reason it turns into an emergency plumbing situation in the first place. Just below we will go in to more detail about the water pouring everywhere

How do I get my water off due to water pouring under the sink

One major problem in the UK is the day to day plumbing emergencies we end up with for example: water pouring under sink being amongst one of the most common water leaks in the UK. This is due to poor workmanship and the incorrect use of materials. Turning the water seems to be another issue that we believe should be well signed. There should be some locations in the home where there would always be a stop valve or something signalling where the mains water stop valve is. This is something we emergency plumbers believe should partition for. Considering that there is a massive cost into the insurance companies and also costing the economy more.

How is it best to deal with water pouring onto the floor

If you have water pouring onto the floor, it is best using a mop and to get as much water up as possible, as every little counts, well waiting for the emergency plumber. If the water is greater than what you can pick up and your unable to find an emergency plumber, then the only option is to leave the water and find an alternative such as, looking for the mains water stopcock, ask a neighbour for location of stop valve or call the water board for plumbing advice. They may come out and turn the water mains stopcock off for you, but also may end up with a bill at the end, which may have to be paid over time.

Who is responsible for the water pouring onto the ground floor due to a leak under the sink

If the house is owned by the occupant, then the person who is responsible is the occupant, which is a good reason to have insurance and a policy that enable you to save on any future plumbing emergencies. If the house is owned by the landlord, then the landlord is responsibly, but all this also depends on the contract. Most plumbing emergencies, when it comes to water leaks are not authorised by the landlord and therefor for landlord will not forfeit the bill. A cruel world it may seem, however, if the water pouring under sink was to persist throughout the night, I’m sure the landlord would of wanted an emergency plumber to call out no matter what the cost is within reason. Again with emergency situations and landlords, there is still a lack of procedures helping tenants decide on what to do in an emergency situation.

I have water pouring from under the sink, should I call an emergency plumber and who do I call

If you have water pouring under sink and unsure on who to call, then feel free to give Martin Smith a call who has plenty of emergency plumbers throughout the UK from the database of engineers. If your an emergency plumber and like the thought of saving people with water pouring under sink, then visit the plumbing register.

Is it ok to fit speed fit pipe onto compression fitting

It is ok to fit speed fit to compression fitting, as long as the correct fitting are used. As shown in the picture above, the insert that was used with the compression fitting was the incorrect fitting to use with the compression fitting and also explained in the instruction manual of the speed fit fittings. Martin believes that any compression fitting’s should always be used with copper pipe, however, speed fit to speed fit is ok and speed fit to copper is also ok.

I have water pouring under sink, should I call the Insurance company

If you have water pouring from under the sink, as long as you have emergency means and insurance contact detail that you know of, it is always best to call the insurance company straight away, as so many cancellations are made when an emergency plumber is on route, then told to turn round. If your unable to find any details and call an emergency plumber, then it is curtsey to let the plumbing engineer attend to fix the plumbing situation. If you feel you have any more you could add to this, then feel free to let us know at emergencyplumber@me.com