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Boiler Problems & Breakdown Service

Boiler Problems & Emergency Boiler Breakdown Service

Boiler Problems and boiler breakdown service
Having a boiler problem and looking for an emergency plumber. The first and utmost if your looking for a boiler break down service is to make sure the engineer attending your property is gas safe and not just your bog standard plumber that thinks he’s aloud to do the job because he/she thinks there clever enough. Always make sure they have there gas safe card to prove they are competent.

This article is all about boiler problems and when we mention the word boiler, we mean the domestic central heating boiler that is in everyones home wherever it is run by natural gas or any other type of fuel. We also include electrical boiler problems, but if not mentioned in here we will link you to the article you are looking for as long as we have it.

The topics we are going to cover in this article is common questions asked when searching for keywords related to boiler problems after all, this is why your on this page. Just below is a list of the common related keywords to emergency boiler breakdown service and boiler problems. Continue reading

Central Heating Boiler

Central Heating Boiler Information Q&A

Central Heating Boiler
If you wondering how long have central heating boilers been around for then the answer to this would be around the 1950’s. Before the 1950’s we relied more on fires and space heater but only since the technology came about of transferring the heat from a central heating boiler to the central heating radiators came around, then this would one of the biggest transformation in history when it came to the plumbing/gas industry.

Back then the central heating boiler was very bulky but very basic also. It was never the perfect central heating system for the the carbon footprint that has been left behind, but it was a way of heating the home.

Since the invention of the central heating system, there has been the standard system boiler starting from the gravity fed system to the condensing central heating boiler and gas saver. Continue reading

Gas Analyser Information

Everything you need to know about gas analyser information

Gas Analyser Information
Looking for gas analyser information, here we have everything you should need to know to start you on your way but please bare in mind, you MUST be a gas safe engineer to use these machines. Gas analysers have been around since the 1970’s but later on in the years they have become more advanced, every year there seems to be an upgrade of some sort making it easier to use but more technical at the same time. You can either buy a cheap gas analyser or an expensive one.

The gas analyser to the right in the picture seems to be the best type of gas analyser on the market but it also comes at an expense but it’s like the saying goes, you only get what you pay for.

Just below are some common questions asked followed by answers. Continue reading

Gas Rate

Gas rate without using a calculator or using a calculator

It is very common these days that once you have qualified as a gas engineer and become gas safe, you will use the easy option to calculate the gas rate inside the domestic property but when it comes to gas safe exams, you will not be able to use such apps and other ways of cheating apart from good old fashioned memory or diagrams. Some diagrams are great, some are not, some just explain it in writing, which is hard to take in, specially when your a new gas engineer and have so much other stuff to try and remember, this is why Martin Smith has built his own diagram from reading up all that complicated written stuff. Continue reading