Hot Water Cylinder Combination Boiler

Can I have my hot water cylinder replaced for a combination boiler

Hot Water Cylinder Combination Boiler
Are you a customer, looking for your hot water cylinder to be taken out and replaced with a combination boiler or are you an emergency plumber looking for some guidance and is it a good idea you have your hot water cylinder replaced with a combination boiler. In the picture to the right, is an example of a typical conventional boiler set up, but also a combination boiler system and what is required, but also how much space you will be left with.

13 Pros & Cons to having a hot water cylinder swapped for a combination boiler

There is plenty of emergency plumbers out there, that believe that, the way forward in life is to have a Combi fitted, however, there are also those who believe in the old fashioned central heating system, where there is more pros than there is cons. Just below is a list of reasons you should have a combination boiler and also stick will the conventional boiler you already have.

Here are the pros and the reason you should have a combinational boiler

  • Combination boilers are cheaper and more efficient to run that conventional boilers.
  • Less chance of getting a leak due to not as much plumbing required.
  • Combination boiler saves space such as in your loft and cupboard area.
  • System is sealed, less chance of brown central heating sludge.
  • With a combination boiler, you never run out of hot water.

Here are all the cons of having a combination boiler

  • If your combination boiler breaks down, there is no back up of hot water, unless, you have an electric shower, but even that isn’t sufficient enough.
  • In most case with combination boiler, your unable to run more than one tap at a time.
  • The water pressure to the mixer shower is what it is coming through the mains water supply unless you have a water mains booster pump, which then the water pressure may go up to a more recommended water pressure.
  • It is very common to get a leak once the combination boiler as been visit, which may not be the fault of the gas engineer of who fitted it.

Pros of having a conventional boiler

  • Large storage of water if your water runs out, but only on certain set up of system.
  • You can also include a shower pump for the use of a power shower or other outlets of high water pressure such as your kitchen sink and outside bib tap.
  • Back up of hot water if the boiler was to fail.

There are so many occupants that are told by a gas engineer to have there hot water cylinder taken out, without considering if it is sufficient enough. Martin Smith an emergency plumber has been listening to those with so many complaints of when they had there combination boiler and that it takes so long to fill up the bath, where others have praised the fact that they now have a combination boiler and they also never run out of hot water.

What to consider when having a combination boiler fitted is the water pressure coming into the house, how may occupant are in the house and if it’s a big family. Is it normal to have 2 hot water appliances on at the same time. The size of the boiler is also very important as there is those who don’t have enough sufficient amount of hot water and that the water is not hot enough when the pressure is at it’s highest. By changing the whole system, you may also conflict with low water pressure taps installed.

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