Ugly Bathroom

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Right where do we get start with this ugly bathroom. In some deprived countries where the law is almost non, have the worst bathrooms you will ever see. However our bathrooms can also be just as bad and dangerous as those out there.

Martin Smith an emergency plumber has been across some really ugly bathrooms in his time as a 24 hour emergency plumber. All you want to do when you get to the ugly bathroom and fix the plumbing issue is to put one of those all in one disposable glove all over your body. Protected!
Holy Bathroom
Is this the type of bathroom you would like to bring your children no matter what there religion. Again, due to plumbing issues that have not been dealt with or taken on as a DIY plumbing issue, there will always be DIY plumbing occupants living in poverty wanting to make there own repair, saving money, so that they can feed there kids. There are so many bathrooms that we consider as a ugly bathroom holy or not.
Ugly Bathroom
Other plumbing issues in the home when trying to make the bathroom look pretty, just end up making the bathroom even more ugly. Fitting would in areas to try and make the bathroom look better never really happens, even though the plumber in his first year decides how great it would look to place a few pieces of wood together.
Ugly Basin
Here we have a bathroom, but no toilet, well almost no toilet, latest design know has the bucket. Remember the name bucket, as it will be the latest technology in bathroom plumbing. We have the best shower and if your a bit on the small side, there is always the step.
Unfinished Bathroom
Are you one of those for the unfinished bathroom, they say that 50% of bathrooms taken on as a DIY ends up as an ugly bathroom due to non experience and money saving ways. Some times people have great ideas, however, they never turn out the way they thought they would turn out.
Dirty Bathroom
When is the last time you looked under your toilet seat. They say, for a healthy toilet, you would expect to clean it, not once a month, not once a week, on even daily. You should clean the toilet seat where it is visible and in areas where your unable to find the water stains that come from urine.
Ugly Tiling
So many like to tile there own bathroom with no thought behind how the tiling is going to finish at all. If your going to avoid an ugly bathroom, you will need to do everything correctly, doing a bathroom with no experience and buying anything out there is always a recipe for disaster. Make sure the walls are sound, square and most importantly level. In most cases this is going to be too expensive, so just carry on what your doing, give me an ugly bathroom.
Tidy Bathroom
How many people to you know that never clean there bathroom or even take a bath or shower. Martin Smith is a fully experienced emergency plumber and finds this quite often and never seems to amaze him. It just make people wonder to know whether the customer has the money to pay him.

If you’ve been reading about the ugly bathroom up to this point, you’ve got to be very board, why not get your bathroom looked at, if you have water leaking or plumbing issues, then feel free to call an emergency plumber by calling us on the above number. If you an experienced plumber that would like to be on our register for recommendations, then please visit the plumbing register.

If you believe your ugly bathroom is more interesting that any of these, then please send them to and we will do our best to add them to our ugly bathroom of fame.