Mains Stop Tap

Where is the mains stop Tap located in the house

Just below are some questions related to the mains stop tap that occupiers currently ask.
Mains Stop Tap

  • Where should the mains stop tap be located in the house?
  • What should the mains stop tap look like?
  • Is there an alternative to turning the mains stop tap off?
  • What are the regulations on the mains stop tap?
  • How do I fix a leak on the mains stop tap?
  • What can I do to loosen my mains stop tap?
  • My mains stop tap won’t turn off, what can I do?
  • Can I buy an electric mains stop tap?
  • Advanced mains stop tap?
  • Find a local mains stop tap fitter?

Where should the mains stop tap be located in the house

The mains stop tap should in most case be underneath the sink, however this is normally a preference to the building company. Another area can be in access cupboards or storage areas such as the garage. Stop tap are sometime found in bathrooms or next to the cylinder.

What should the mains stop tap look like

The mains stop tap in most case should have a brass handle and a brass body but if it is operated by an electrical switch, the switch should have a name to explain to the occupier that this is the stop valve.

Is there an alternative to turning the mains stop tap off

Rather than turning the mains stop valve off in the hour of need, it is a good idea to turn an isolation valve off if it is a fault with an appliance. However if it is the pipework between the mains water stopcock and the isolation valve then the mains stop tap will need to be turned off.

What are the regulations on the mains stop tap

A stop tap can come in a few different sizes and shapes depending on the surroundings but should in most cases have a drain off valve. The stop tap must not be placed touching the outside wall and must have an air gap to stop the process of freezing up in really bad conditions. It is always good practice to fit the stopcock more than 150mm above the ground level.

How do I fix a leak on the mains stop tap

If you find yourself with a leak on the mains stop tap then it is always a good idea to call an emergency plumber but if you feel this can be easily fixed then the gland can be tightened up which is the nut located closest to the handle. Please be aware that when fixing a water leak on a stop valve that you may have a bigger emergency on you have which include plenty off water entering the home and causing plenty off damage. Some leaks may be caused by knocks, age of fitting or badly fitted.

What can I do to loosen my mains stop tap

To loosen the mains stop tap you may be able to get a pair off grips and turn the handle to loosen the valve off but to do a full job on the stop-valve then best thing to do is to strip the mains water stop valve and grease.

Can I buy an electric mains stop tap

You can buy an electric mains stop tap and find a plumber to fit it, it’s very important depending what is spent on the electric stop valve that the quality and the guarantee you will get with it. You can also buy an electric mains stopcock that detects if there is a leak within the home and will shut off without the use of a person present.

Advanced mains stop tap

There are plenty off advance mains stop taps coming on the market starting with electric stop taps and going on to the leak detecting valves that also turn you valve. In the future there will be Apps that tells you there is a leak and where it is coming from. At current there is the electronic stopcock that detects a water leak with devices in each room that also include a detection in the use of water and also detect is there is a person using water. Even though we have these very clever stop valves, there is always some trying to make better and change the industrial way we use water.

Find a local mains stop tap fitter

If you require an emergency plumber in Bury or anywhere else in the UK or a general plumbing engineer, then feel free to give us a call and we will locate a self employed engineer within your area to come and help you with your plumbing needs where it comes to the mains stop tap.