Tectite Plastic Metal Pipe

Tectite Plastic Metal Pipe Review

Tectite Plastic Metal Pipe Review
Welcome to the latest pipe known as the Tectite Plastic Metal Pipe. If your looking for a review on the Tectite Plastic Metal Pipe, then have a great read of this. In the Picture to the right is a typical plumbing emergency that resulted in Martin Smith a well known  emergency plumber using the plastic metal pipe for the very first time. As this pipe is very new on the market Martin has decided to give you an insight to what he thinks of this product, good or bad.
15mm Tectite Pipe
Time after time, Martin keeps finding pipes going to the toilet a mess. The problem with the plumbing installations found, are either, too many fitting’s, pipes not lining up correctly or just too awkward to fit. The first thought when looking at the Tectite plastic metal pipe was “this looks handy pipe too use”. Martin the emergency plumber explains; “Once the pipe was put in place and fitted, it was like being a kid again with a new toy, so enjoyable to use, relaxing to play with and great to watch”. These words you may find has an over exaggeration too most of you, but in all honestly there is no better way to explain a new pipe on the market that is way in front of any of there competitors.

The only other pipe that can bend is copper but the downside to copper is that copper can corrode after time, you have to use a machine and great force to bend it, with the plastic metal pipe, the bending is so much easier. The Tectite looks either, just as good or better than any other plastic pipe out there and can be used in areas where on show. The plastic metal pipe can come in a coil of 25-metres just like it’s other competitors, but the difference is that the Tectite pipe can straightened out and changes shape unlike it’s competitors.

Here are some typical question plumbers or consumers may ask about the flexible plastic metal pipe below:

  • Where can I buy this Tectite flexible plastic metal pipe?
  • How much would it cost to buy the Tectite plastic pipe?
  • What size does the Tectite flexible pipe come in?
  • What fitting can I use with Tectite flexible metal pipe?

Where can I buy this Tectite flexible plastic metal pipe

You can buy this product from Either BES or You can buy this plastic Tectite pipe from any Plumb Centre in the UK, which may stock this item or if this item is not in stock, then Plumb Centre can order this within 24-working hours. To order from the BES site you will need an order reference which is:
How Much Is Tectite Pipe
However if your looking through there catalogue you may not find it until later on this year 2014. As time goes by, this flexible metal pipe will find it’s self in more stores and more easier to collect. At the moment there are a lot of Plumb Centre’s that are unaware of the plastic Tectite pipe. You may get responses of “do you mean speed fit or hep2o” as Martin has experienced due to the pipe being so new and not many Plumb Centre’s know about it. If you ensure them, that they can order it as explained in this article, then they will look in to this and find that it is something they can get in stock.

How much would it cost to buy the Tectite plastic pipe

Every store have there different prices, but Martin’s experience when calling the Plumb Centre was, Martin can buy it at the cost of £1.57 per meter. If your an occupant and your plumber is going to charge you, you may find this more expensive such as about £5 per meter. Buying this pipe is most likely going to save you plenty of money.

What size does the Tectite flexible pipe come in

The size you can buy Tectite flexible plastic metal pipe are in 3-meter lengths, 10-meter lengths and more.

What fitting can I use with Tectite flexible metal pipe

The best fitting to use on Tectite plastic metal pipe are Tectite fitting’s, however there is no reason why any other fittings can not be used as shown in the picture above. The only downside is that other manufacture may say the fitting is not guaranteed with other manufactured makes.

Customer gives review to plumber using the Tectite Flexible Metal Pipe

Plumbing Reviews Manchester
This is a review from the very first customer I had fitted the Tectite flexible plastic pipe for but not only that, the customer was as happy to have the pipe as I was to fit the plastic metal pipe. The lady was also informed that Ruth from Manchester was possibly one of the first to have this fitted or may even be the first. Just below are some other related picture to the job that Martin did.

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