Washing Machine Y Fitting Brass

Washing Machine Y Fitting Brass vs Plastic

Washing Machine Y Fitting Brass
Ever wondered why when buying a Washing machine Y fitting in plastic, the fitting always leaks but is brass an alternative to help achieve the safe use without having to worry if your coming home to a flood of water. As an Emergency Plumber, Martin Smith has had plenty of experience when it comes to water leak within the homes of thousand of occupiers, Some related to the Washing machine Y piece and most not related. In the past Martin as tried the plastic washing machine Y piece and has failed to have a seal.

Washing machine Y fitting plastic

The washing machine Y fitting in Martin’s experience is normally fitted directly on to the washing machine valve. Once the connection is made and tightened the washing machine hose is then place onto the plastic Y fitting to make a seal well the other branch is ready for the connection for the second appliance. When both appliances are connected, the washing machine valve is then turned on and low or high water pressure is then applied. Due to the amount of leaks Martin has come across and the complaints Martin has had, the only thing to do was to test the washing machine Y piece fitting to see if the test done by Martin passes the satisfaction of Martin Smith. On the test it was found out that a hand tightness test was done and water was coming out of the fitting. So the only thing to do was, use a pair of grips to give it a very slight tighten up but unfortunately the thread had slipped. The washing machine Y fitting was then bought again to retest and also failed again. In Martin’s opinion when buying this fitting, you may get very lucky but please keep in mind that this Y fitting, all it needs is a slight knock and then it is most likely to leak.

Washing machine Y fitting brass

Martin’s next job was to look in to an alternative in the washing machine Y fitting an this is where the washing machine brass Y fitting comes in to this. Martin had bought the fitting and had done some test. It passed the hand tightening, it also passed the grip tightening. When knocking and moving the fitting against the hose, it also passed the test of not leaking afterwards also.

Washing machine Y brass versus plastic

Martin believes when testing both fitting that when the washing machine Y brass it put up against the Y plastic then then brass comes out on top. Not only on top but way way in advanced. Unfortunately the cost in comparison are far different but when you think of the convenience the plastic Y fitting in comparisons the the brass then the cost of the brass fitting will save time, money and come out by far the best option.

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