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Finding a plumbing engineer can be hard expecially if you dont know where to look. I (Martin Smith) started as a local plumbing engineer in Ellesmere port. His website was built around his bathroom that he was proud to show off. With a lack of knowledge for building a site he got very curious. I got a local designer in chester to built one. My aim in life was to show the quality of my work to customers but with only so much money I could go far. Studying hard on how to build a site with plenty of hours. In between all this Martin was on call working hard doing plumbing emergencies in Warrington, Ellesmere Port and Chester.

Within a couple of year I impressed a teacher from Oxford and had a visit. He was then to teach me how to built a site to the best of my advantage. From here I came up with the idea that if a site could do locally with no effort then how would this do on a national front. I then started hard at work building my site and slowly came away from what i once mostly enjoyed which was working as a bathroom fitter.

By the end of 2010 the freeze had come upon us. I was hard at work in which i went 38 hours straight with no sleep. I was covering all the emergencies i could in order to have money to buy a new vehicle as my last one was ready for the scrap yard.

Early 2011 I was a single man but with so much desire to grow by business so I carried on working hard.

I was getting alot of calls from a national side and passing jobs over to a couple of engineers who were interesting on making extra money for covering local plumbing emergencies. In June I got a call from a national company that was interested in taking emergency plumbing jobs from me from a national side. I took his offer up.

At the end of 2011 I had got a bit fed up of passing the nation plumbing company emergencies due to complaint that were coming our way. In January 2012 we decided to stop giving the middle man job and with only 35 engineer we started passing job out ourselves directly to emergency plumbing engineers

At current January 2013 we now have over 300 emergency plumbing engineers and running a very successful business. We have a web designer working for us who is also taking the calls and currently looking for more staff.

Our new objective is to help those with there DIY or diagnosis which help them to save money and fully understand what they need to do if they required an emergency plumbing engineer locally or national whether they are a tenant or a landlord

Due to the experience we have to the plumbing emergency industry and our emergency plumbers. We have now taken it upon ourselves to help engineer fight there corner when struggling with customer that dont intend to pay or have a complaint. In other words we have a fair play procedures. This is where we help the customer and the emergency plumbers to solve these issues. Unfortunately we cant solve them all as it is well known that there are lies and then we can only go on the type of prove that is there. But what it is build up a picture for the engineer who is doing the emergency plumbing work.

Our aim is to have the biggest and best emergency plumbing services in the uk. We also aim to include the best and most reliable information when it comes to the DIY jobs. We aim to do this by our daily Blogs and getting the nation to talk about us.

Our only block is finance. As we are not a greedy company and not looking for a wealth due to the type of business we are running we will use the resources to grow the company. This in turn will help us grow into the most useful plumbing information. We will be known to those as a company that helps other companies and in return we will grow though those company giving us a recommendation.

If you are reading this and feel you other something useful in the plumbing industry then feel free to email us and we will see what we can do in order to grow the business

As time goes by we will add to this section anything we feel that is interesting to read