Water Noise

Water Noise Under My Floor Or Behind The Wall

Water Noise Under My Floor
Martin Smith an experienced emergency plumber in Manchester, who also works as an agent for over 400 plumbing engineers UK wide, explains about water noise within the property and how best to go about it. In the picture on the right, is a typical job. The occupant complained of noisy water, an emergency Martin visited in Bury, which is north of Manchester. The occupant thought there was water problems behind the wall but to his amaze, he didn’t expect it to have a water noise under the floor and before the mains water stopcock. Unfortunately on this┬áparticular job, the outside mains water stopcock was also unaccessible.

Just below are similar question about a water noise for behind the wall or under the ground floor. These questions we have also tried to answer.

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Water Noise Questions Answered Below

Water noise can come from anywhere, it can drive you mad and also cost you plenty off money you either don’t have or just don’t want to spend. It’s a bit like having noisy neighbours, but with noisy water you can do something about it.

If you have a water noise within your home and an outside water meter, then you may find your water bill with an extra zero on the end, this is why it is very important to either get the advice of an emergency plumber or just keep reading this article to get a feel on what should be done.

The first steps in to finding where your noisy water is, is to determine where the water leak is coming from, but if your unsure of the where about in the home the water leak is, then you might need to turn the mains water stopcock off and turn the kitchen tap in the on position to make sure there is no passing water. Once the water is completely off, then you can move on to the next stage. If the water is not off, then you may either need to turn the outside mains water stop valve off or use a pair of grips to give the mains water stopcock an extra turn to stop the water, but be very careful as this may lead to a worse scenario such as leaking water.

The next step to the water being noisy, is to listen out for any further water noise. If the water still continues to be noisy, then turn the hot tap on to drain down the water, unless you have a combination boiler, so this may not be necessary. If you have a combination boiler, it may help to check the water pressure is not going down, as this may be the cause to the water noises. Always good to check outside for any taps left on or the pipe from the back of the boiler to the outside is not left running due to the boiler being over pressurised or a pressure bar has gone faulty.

The next step to still having a water noise is to, get the longest screwdriver, to the lowest part of the stopcock and listen out for water running. If the water is still running, then turn the outside mains water stop valve off and check for any further noise. If the noise has stopped, then the answer to the noisy water, is a leak under the ground, which may have to be dug up, to repair the pipework.

It is quiet common, when turning the mains water stopcock off outside in the road, that your unable to get any access to the water mains stop tap. This means you may need to call the water board and ask them to call out, as the stopcock outside the boundaries, is the responsibility of the water board and not the owner off the house. The water board will come out, depending on the urgency of the situation, which I will not explain, as this is not what this article is about.

If you are an occupant requiring help or for an emergency plumber Manchester or anywhere else in the UK, then feel free to give us a call and we will recommend a plumbing engineer to your property within 30 to 90-minutes and sometime within 2 hours as a plumbing emergency call out service. If your a plumber reading this article and would like to join our network of emergency plumbers in the UK, then please send us an email to emergencyplumber@me.com

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