Emergency Terms & Conditions + Extended

Emergency terms and conditions clauses 1 to 17 (on average can be read within 3-minutes with an understanding) for complete/extended terms and conditions which include non emergencies please click here. Each basic clause has extended clauses.

Delivery Policy

Clause 1: All emergencies are within a 2-hour time frame unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Clause 2: For all costs, please refer to our Description + Price Plan by clicking here.

Cancellations, Return and Refund Policy

Clause 3:  Cancellations are non refundable, unless:

Clause 4: On arrival, you will not be unable to cancel as minimum of 1-hour will apply.

Clause 5: Arrival is classed as the nearest parking of first address given of meeting.

Clause 6: Congestion or parking may apply.

Clause 7:  To cancel work, please send us an email to emergencyplumber@me.com unless agent requests you by text.


Clause 8: You must pay the engineer attending on completion of temporary or permanent work done.

Clause 9: Deposits MUST be paid before we send an engineer out –  once we have received the deposit, we are not responsible for any work.

Clause 10: Any details that are incorrect may result in loss of deposit.

Privacy Policy

Clause 11: Privacy policy is seen reasonable.

Customer Service Contact detail

Clause 12: Please click on our contact link at footer of website.

Complaints Procedures & making reviews

Clause 13: Please see our extended T&C

More terms and conditions you MUST read

Clause 14: Martin Smith Plumbing trading as EPHG Ltd is owned by Martin Smith and has no employees but the service given may not be given by Martin Smith.

Clause 15: Customers terms and conditions on behalf of the engineer attending, you MUST read this either before booking or well engineer is on route.

Clause 16: Email estimates & quotes are classed as non emergency.

Clause 17: understanding of the engineers terms and conditions.

For old terms and conditions that do not apply now, please click here.