Gas Engineers Fitting Service

Gas Engineers Fitting Service & How Much Should A Gas Engineer Charge

Gas Engineers Fitting Service
Welcome to our gas engineers fitting service where we let you know how much a gas engineer should charge the customer for using our services. Martin Smith, an experienced emergency plumber and also a gas safe engineer will be writing about common questions relating to how much should a gas engineer charge but also give the cost of our gas engineers fitting service. If you have any questions, then please feel free to give us a call on 07510814311. Continue reading

Nest Room Thermostat Fitting Service

Nest Room Thermostat Fitting Service Includes problems and cures

Nest Room Thermostat Fitting Service
Looking to have a room thermostat fitted, then look no further than our Nest room thermostat fitting service. Martin Smith an experienced emergency plumber and gas safe engineer has been fitting thermostats for many years now but until lately, room thermostats are being revolutionaries and changing the way we are using out central heating system so much better than ever before. On average in 2014, the average domestic energy bill was £1350 and 65% of this being on the central heating alone. Nest claims that if you use the thermostat to there recommendations, you will probably save about 30% or more of your central heating bill alone, this should at least save you £65 per annum by dropping your temperature by 1-degrees. By using this product and going by there recommendations, the average bill should at least save you £334.00 per annum when using the Nest Thermostat. You must at least take into account that the average energy bill has been going up £100 per year in the last 5-years. Just below are some common questions that are being asked when it comes to the Nest Thermostat & fitting Service. Continue reading

Boiler Fitting Service

How much for a boiler fitting service including supply + useful information

Boiler Fitting Service
Looking for a boiler fitting service and wondering how much it will cost you. Martin Smith an emergency plumber and a gas safe engineer explains everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the right boiler for your home plus what is the best boiler to buy. Martin includes information about how much to buy the Ideal, Baxi, Worcester, Glowworm and Valliant. Just below are some common questions when it come to buying a boiler and getting it fitting by one of our gas safe engineers when wondering on how much to spend on the boiler including our boiler fitting service. Continue reading

Stopcock Fitting Service

How much should it cost to fit a Stopcock & Fitting Service Packages

How much should it cost to fit a stop valve
Looking to have a new Stopcock fitter or just an upgrade to a better type of stopcock. Want to know how much should it cost to fit a stopcock. Before going into how much, Martin Smith an emergency plumber has been fixing and replacing Stopcocks for over 20-years, the company is also national and one of the best reputations for when it comes to a Stopcock fitting service. To the right is a typical diagram of a stopcock, but below in our article we also mention about how much it would cost to fit an Auto Stopcock.

If your interested in the latest technology and the safety of your home. Just below are some common questions customers ask when requesting for a Stopcock fitting service. Continue reading

Central Heating Filter

How much to fit a central heating filter & do I really need one

Central Heating Filter
Welcome to information about how much you should pay to have a central heating filter & do you really need one. Over 10 years ago there were no such thing in the standard home for a filter as such, until someone came up with the idea of having a filter would make the central heating system better and the need for not requiring a central heating power flush not to be required. The leading company in filters known as Adey was formed by Chris Adey in 2003 and so became the idea to drive the market in the way it is now today. Just below are some questions and then the answers to what you may be looking for when it comes to the central heating filter. Continue reading

Central Heating Power Flush

How Much Should A Central Heating Power Flush Cost

Central Heating Power Flush Testing Key
Have you got central heating radiators that are not working as how they should be and are you searching to find out how much should a central heating power flush should cost. The first thing you need to do is to determine if you really need to have a central heating power flush done. Continue reading

Baxi MainEco Problems

Baxi MainEco Combi & System Boiler Range Problems

Baxi MainEco Problems
Got a problem with your Baxi MainEco Boiler, is it a combi boiler or a system boiler. Like most boilers, if your not a gas engineer it is very hard to know what the problem is. Martin Smith an emergency plumber and a gas engineer explains everything you need to know and how easy it can be to diagnose what the problem before you call a gas safe registered emergency plumber out. Continue reading

Blocked Sink Waste Problems & Cures

How to solve my blocked sink Waste problems

Blocked Sink Waste
Despite the constant warnings and relentless campaigning by water companies and other drainage experts, it is still the case that fat, oil and grease (FOG) being poured down sinks is responsible for 75 per cent of all drain and sewer blockages (Source: Southern Water’s ‘Pain in the Drain’ campaign). And at Christmas time when everyone looks forward to tucking into their turkey dinner, the risk of this happening is even greater. Continue reading

Bleeding Central Heating Radiators

Why do I have to bleed My Radiator? – Bleeding Central Heating Radiators explained

Bleeding Central Heating Radiators
Bleeding central heating radiators by Martin Smith an emergency plumber and also a qualified gas engineer explains everything you need to know about why do I have to bleed my central heating radiator. In the last 100 years has been in massive production and has re-shaped the way we use central heating today. The central heating radiator was invented by Franz San Galli in 1855 – 1857 which included the bleeding nut and was meant for the industry to grow the UK economy. It was only in the early to mid 1900’s when the change came and that it was to be revolutionallised so that we can all gain from having bleeding central heating radiators in our home. With every radiator there comes the bleeding process in order to have our central heating radiators full of water. Continue reading

Fanned Flue Too Close To Openable Window

Is my fanned flue too close to an openable window?

Fanned Flue To Close To Openable Window
Here is an example of a fan flue being too close to an openable window. Martin explains, is it really too close or is the gas engineer trying to make more money out of me?

Time after time you hear of these stories about the boilers being shut down as At Risk, Not To Current Standards or even Immediately dangerous.

For those with an NCS boiler issue due to the flue being to close to the window, there no need to shut the boiler down. When there an AR problem when the flue is too close to the window, the boiler has to be shut off and an At Risk tag applied to tell the person responsible that they are warned not to use the boiler. An ID due to the boiler flue being too close is where the gas pipe has to be blanked off.

Just below are questions asked relating to the fanned gas boiler flue being too close to the window that people ask but most importantly explained. Continue reading