Gas Safe Situations Statistics At Christmas

Have you got a gas safe situation in your home and wonder how common this is?

Having a gas safe situation in your home may be possibly more common than most people think. Has a child growing up, Martin Smith can remember the gas fire being moved in order to make the effects of Father Christmas feel more reel. This can be a warning to parents thinking that moving a gas fire MUST not be done unless accompanied by a competent gas safe engineer.

As shown in this Gas Safe situations and statistics infographic Christmas special, it shows the statistics in the UK of how unsafe recent findings are, this infographic is not just for Christmas period but also is a situation that is all year round.

With Gas Safe Situations statistics showing that in the Birmingham area being the most dangerous and in the Brighton being the most dangerous. Some may say, is this due to being enough gas safe engineers or is this a fact that there may be too many competing for the work but not being paid enough to enable them to give the quality of work required. Either way, the quality of work a gas safe engineer should always be at the highest standard.

Having a gas safe situation in your home may be due to bad workmanship, accidentle damage, age of the appliance and many other reasons. Having an annual check on gas applaince is always important becomes it limits the risk to your home if anything was to happen.

It is always important that a gas safe engineer always works to the highest standard but it can also be found that some may not give the standard as followed. It is the responsibily of the gas safe engineer to make sure that the gas situation is safe when he/she leaves the occupants homes

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