Terms & Conditions ending April 2015

Here is where we include our terms and conditions for the complete site. We MUST advice you to read through these carefully before using our services. By paying your deposit you are excepting the terms and conditions whether you have read them or not. We are fully checked and meet the regulations of having terms and conditions on our site. On every job we take over the phone we have a great track record of happy customers. If you do not wish to read the terms and condition, then you are still liable to the terms and condition. Please check the terms and conditions below

Delivery Policy

Clause 1: Our aim is 30 - 90 minutes, however please allow up to 2 hours of the deposit paid, unless a request has been made for an aulternative time and date otherwise.


Clause 2: All deposits are known as either a call out fee, service charge or booking fee.


Clause 3: Please refer to our Description + Price. Click here for more information.


Clause 4: If the engineer does not get to you within the agreed time, then you must make a complaint. You can send a complaint to emergencyplumber@me.com

Cancellations, Return and Refund Policy

Clause 5: Once a deposit as been paid then this will not be subject to a refund.


Clause 6: Refunds are only accepted if we are unable to get you an engineer within the stated time, see clasue (1).


Clause 7: If the engineer arrives to your property and you have not cancelled, but no longer need his services, then the minimum cost of 1 hour applies.


Clause 8: Any cancellations require your name, email address and postcode and to be sent to the email address within clause (4)

Privacy Policy

Clause 9: We do not store any of your card details in any way apart from the immediate payment.


Clause 10: All transactions are done through paypal, which is a secure site.


Clause 11: We also follow all guidelines set by paypal.


Customer service contact detail (Part of header deleted due to mistake)

Clause 12: We can sometime use a third party of who you made the payment to, so please note down who you made payment to.


Clause 13: If you need to call our office or a member of our staff, then please use our contact page by clicking here

Engineer on and off our dataabse

Clause 14: We are an agent for the engineers we send out to you.


Clause 15: Most engineers are on our database, however, we can be known to outsource the work.


Clause 16: Our rates of pay are stated in our price plan.


Clause 17: Deposits must be paid before we send an engineer to you.


Clause 18: Engineers time starts from the arrival time of parking closest to property.


Clause 19: Any parking fee's required must be paid by the customer paying the deposit.


Clause 20: Any congestion charges is not included in any costs and must be added on invoice.


Clause 21: If the engineer goes in to the next half hour then the full half hour must be included in the bill.


Clause 22: All materials belong to the engineer until paid for on completion.


Clause 23: The labour rate does not include materials.


Clause 24: All payments are to be paid on completion.


Clause 25: If further work is to be done on a different day, then the payment must be made at the end off the first job.


Clause 26: All payments are to be paid on completion.


Clause 27: Any payments that are not made on completion are subject to a minimum charge of a £20 admin fee plus £15 for each and every letter sent 28 days.


Clause 28: On completion payment is paid directly the the engineer.


Clause 29: There must be at least 2 options of the payment where the engineer can pick.


Clause 30: Payment options are Card, Cheque, Cash, Paypal, Bank tranfer.


Clause 31: Non Payment after 28 days will result in solictor/agent costs plus court fees.


Clause 32: Martin Smith the Owner/Agent/Manager can act on behalf of an engineer/staff for jobs that come through our database.


Clause 33: Clause 33 no longer applies.

Other terms and condition

Clause 34: Clause 34 no longer applies.


Clause 35: Any member of staff may use a outsource plumber, (plumbers that are not associated with our business but is willing to take the work on as a sole trader).


Clause 36: Refund procedures, contact us on 07720247247. If no answer then email through the emergency booking form to mention that the engineer has not arrived in the agreed time.


Clause 37: You can cancel an engineer by sending a text to Martin Smith on 07720247247.


Clause 38: If there is no comunication by Martin Smith Plumbing or there staff with the 4 hours, then there will be no refund of the deposit paid to us.


Clause 39: If a member of staff from Martin Smith Plumbing can not find you an Engineer within two hours of the deposit being paid, then we will refund you your money, unless you are happy to wait for us to locate an Engineer at a later date. All deposit returns must be request by an email to Martin Smith.


Clause 40: All complaints must be made through our email, which we have up to 24 days to reply.


Clause 41: If the customer is uncontactable after the first hour and the emergency work is still not complete, then the engineer will continue on the job until it is complete. The Engineer is in his own right to charge the customer up to 8 hours. (Please ensure the Engineer has full contact either through text, phone or email) Customers must inform the Engineer of maximum time allowed on the job with proof and not done verbally.


Claus 42: Martin Smith Plumbing and staff are not responsible for the Engineers turning up late or not at all. Any accidental damage to any property whilst the Engineer is on sight is solely the Engineers responsibility and not the responsibility of Martin Smith Plumbing or any associate. Martin Smith Plumbing or its associates do not accept liability for any damage at all to the property whilst waiting for the Engineer to arrive.


Claus 43: Before making payment to the engineer you must make sure you are happy with his time scale, work that has been carried out and you have recieved an invoice with the total amount on.


Claus 44: We do not hold any responsibility for any Engineers or any guarantee on any work carried out by an Engineer supplied to you by us. Any guarantee on any work carried out at your property lies with the individual Engineer. However we take all complaints seriously. If in the unfortunate circumstance that you wish to make a complaint, please do so by filling in the complaints form.

Booking form

Clause 45: The forename (first name) of the payer must be included either in the form at the top or in the landlords box at the bottom information and discription box of the form.


Clause 46: If you are a Business you must specify this by putting the business name in the form.


Clause 47: You must give us your email address, failure to do this may turn in to comunication difficulties.


Clause 48: You must enter a contactable phone number of the job and the payee.


Clause 49: When entering the address, you must include the house number of name, the road name and the post code of hte job.


Clause 50: You must specify the type of engineer you require such as Plumber. Failure to do this may end up in complications.


Clause 51: You must put in a small discription of the job. Failure to do this may end up in complications.


Clause 52: When booking a job in, you must specify the correct time and day either in the form or before you enter the form. If it is not an emergency, then you must specify in the information and discription box when you would like the engineer to attend which is based on 1 hour after the calling time.


Clause 53: Any details that are incorrect will result in a loss of the deposit.

Clause 54: Once payment has been made, you will either get a reference, receipt or transaction number. Once payment is made, then you will need to call us to comfirm booking, the time of payment to the time of calling is the proof of your booking. When payments are made, we will not know this until we have comfirmation. Upon comfirmation the time of arrival will be estimated as comfirmed within the site timescale. If your unable to contact us from making payment, then an email to emergencyplumber@me.com or a text is required to proof that the booking has been made and you are awaiting for an engineer.