Plumbing Estimate Boiler Conversion

To give a plumbing estimate to have a Boiler Conversion we have not included the materials and estimates are based on the allowed time given.

  • 113 - To convert a standard gravity fed system to a combination boiler. (The cost of this would be £980 and take 2-3 day)

To convert the boiler from a gravity boiler to a combination boiler then to do this the correct way the system will have to complately drained and some cleaning fluids will have to go in. A week later after 20 hours of boiler use then the system will need to be drained down until clear which will take about 1 hour unless there is evidence of the system requiring more fluid or even a power flush. Once the system is to be filled for the last time then there will need to be added a second fluid for sufficiency and a protection so that the boiler will have to get maximum use of the effiency to the gas used. This does not include any further work that may be required as to the age of the central heating and to make sure that the central heating follow the latest regulations which may come at a further cost. 2 persons may take a couple of days where 1 person will take 3 days maximum unless there is further work stated.