Plumbing Estimate Boiler Service & Landlord Gas Safety Certicate

To give a plumbing estimate to have a Boiler Service and Landlords Gas Safety Certificate we have not included the materials and estimates are based on the allowed time given.

  • 114 - Gas Boiler Service Only. (The cost for a Boiler Service will be the minumum of 1 hour at £90).
  • 114/a - Gas Boiler Service & Gas Fire. (The cost for a gas boiler service and the gas fire will be £150).
  • 114/b - Gas Boiler Service & Lanlord Certificate. (The cost for a gas boiler service, and the certifcate will be £130).
  • 114/c - Gas Boiler Service, Gas Fire & Landlord Gas Safety Certicate. (The cost for a gas boiler service, gas fire and the certifcate will be £180).

As long as this is a domestic premises then the cost to get a service + Landlord Gas Safety Certicate stand, but please keep in mind that if there is other problem then there be an extra cost. If there boiler fails and is condemned then the minimum cost of the work taken place applies.