Plumbing Estimate Central Heating Pump

To give a plumbing estimate to replace a Central Heating Pump we have not included the materials and estimates are based on the allowed time given.

  • 117 - To fit a Central Heating pump. (To fit a cetral heating pump this will cost £190 and will take 2 hours and 30-minutes).

When fitting a central heating pump the plumber will find in only 1 in 3 chance if the pump is 15 years or more that it can be changed by turning of the gate valve but in most cases will have to drain down the system. If the plumber is able to turn off the valves and swap the pump over then there would be a discount of £80 due to the amount of time that has been saved. It is also adviced that if the pump is replaced due to natural age then it is also wise to replace both valves but keep in mind that 1 in 5 pumps that are replaced are not straight forward and may take more than the estimated time.