Plumbing Estimate

To give a plumbing estimate to for a replacement radiator we have not included the materials and estimates are based on the allowed time given.

  • 115 - To replace a like for like radiator. (To replace a like for like radiator then this will take 2 hours and will cost £150).
  • 115/a - To replace a similar radiator wothout disturbing valves or draining down. (To replace a similar radiator without disturbing the valve or draining down then this will take about 2-hours and 30-minutes costing £180).
  • 115/b - To replace radiator and moving pipes within 200mm includes draining system. To drain a standard 8 radiator system and fit a new radiator then this would take 4 hours as long as there are drain off valves to drain from. The cost for this would be £250).

It is alway good to keep in mind that if the central heating does not drain down as planned as is subject to extra time then this will be added on after the estimated time but also may need further work as there may be a blockage, faulty gate valve or something else wrong with the central heaing system, this can also be due to the age of the system as these sometime fur up due to the Iron sticking to un-circulated central heating water.