Plumbing Estimate Soil Stack

To give a plumbing estimate to fit a Soil Stack we have not included the materials and estimates are based on the allowed time given.

  • 109 - To replace a soil stack. (The cost to replace and fit a soil stack which will include the labour for taking down old soil stack from ground level to above the roof. This will include the labour of 1 toilet and to waste pipe from the existing as long as there are no complications. The cost for this will be £360 estimated at 5 hours for 2 persons).
  • 109a - To replace soil stack with 2 toilets. (this would add an extra our for the 2 person at the cost of £60 = £420

The cost for the above are as long as there are no complication such as the soil pipe going through a hole of the roof and there is only a ground floor and a first floor keeping in mind that the toilets do not need requiring moving to connect the soil stack. Some other obstacle can be the bath panel and the type of basin, alteration to the holes in the wall from all waste and advanced bricks to go back surrounding the soil stack.