What Central Heating Pump Should I be Fitting

Welcome back to the plumbing news and what better to start this of than a question that is often brought up ‘what central heating pump should I be fitting’What Central Heating Pump Should I be Fitting

It’s well known that the wrong central heating pump gets fitted and in most cases, the cheapest pump is fitted. To stop this, a new legislation has come in to stop those fitting the wrong pump and to force those to fit a pump that is energy efficient saving the occupier 75% or more on there central heating.

If you are looking for the best central heating pump on the market then our advice would be is to use Grundfos, however there are a lot more pumps on the market that are made by other manufacture that are starting to follow suite. By the year 2015, new legislation will mean that you are unable to fit a non-efficient pump, however we believe that this may still happen as long as they are still in stock and in circulation.


If you want to keep ahead and up to date then go to your local plumbers merchant and ask for the Grundfos Alpha 2 and don’t look back. Either throw away your old pump or use it for the last time, but please make the customer aware that the pump is not efficient.

Martin Smith an emergency plumber still carries the old fashioned pump and is in process off updating his stock and ordering a new pump that is energy efficient. WHY? Because Martin believes the customer should not be in the shadow and know what is the best best central heating pump for there central heating system, leave it to them to decide what they really want, but also keep in mind not just the occupier but the effect it will have as an whole.

At the moment the weather is warm and above average for this time of year in October. But please be aware that the cold weather is just upon us and will be here before we know it. Central heating Systems will be turned on more often and more faults will occur, such as boilers not working and in need of repair, emergency plumbers in more demand and pumps starting to go faulty more easy due to higher use. So the next time a customer asks what central heating pump should I be fitting, just be honest with them and point them in the best direction. If your unsure what central heating pump you should be fitting, then tell them to buy the Grundfos Alpha 2.

Plumbing News October 9th 2013

Also in our latest plumbing news is the PHEX show at Old trafford the home of Manchester United Football Club where can get all the latest at The Plumbing & Heating Exhibition. The exhibition starts at 10am until 4pm on 16th October until 17th October 2013.

Please read Martin the emergency plumber latest article about Best Central Heating Pump.

If your a fully qualified plumber and would like to register to be recommended to customers or other organisations then please email us at emergencyplumber@me.com and Martin will do his best to make sure you have more work come your way.

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