Best Power Flushing Machine

What is the best power flushing machine on the market

Best Power Flushing Machine
Martin Smith an emergency plumber in Manchester explains the best power flushing machine. So how do you define the difference between the best machine for doing power flushes?

The picture to the right was taken by Lee Campbell an emergency plumber Wigan who also specialised in power flushing the central heating system.

Power flushing the central heating system is what most emergency plumbers tend to stay away from unless you have the money and the experience in doing a power flush. If your unable to buy the best power flushing machine, you at least be able to higher one.

To hire a power flushing machine would cost you between £50 to £100 but if your looking to buy the machine this would then cost you between £400 to £1500 depending which machine you buy. The more the machine you pay for the better the machine is however this does not mean it is the best. The most expensive machine may have great point however they also have there bad points. If your running around in a small van with not much room then the best power flushing machine may cost £400 to £600 and is called the Magnacleanse. If your looking for the best all rounder and you have plenty of room then your problem better buying something like the Kamco which may cost you about £1200.

If your looking to buy the magna cleanse as the best power flushing machine then the good point are that it is small, very easy to use with easy instruction and great products included. It fits in the van very easily and can attach to magna cleanse installation near the boiler. The magna cleanse works best when the central heating is running and the central heating pump is running at it’s highest level. It collect all the muck in the central heating system as long as the central heating is not overly blocked up with sludge. Please keep in mind that the magna cleanse does not have a built in pump and does not work on faulty boilers or the central heating pump is not running correctly. It is not a good idea to clear the central heating when the is no pump installed and the central heating can not run in the opposite direction.

If you are looking to buy a bigger machine that can do a deep cleaning of the central heating system and you would like to buy the best power flushing machine then as a personal preference Martin would get the Kamco. The Kamco can run in both directions and therefor remove the most stubborn blockages that most over power flushing machine can’t with switching the pipes over. This make the machine less stressful to use help you do the power flushing allot quicker and more efficiently. The downside to the best power flushing machine is that it is bulky and not that easy for emergency plumber to carry round if your a plumbing engineer that struggles for space.

If your a plumber and would like to register on plumbing register then feel free to do so and we will recommend over some power flushing machine jobs. If you a customer and would like to use our service in recommending an emergency plumber in the UK then please give us a phone call to make a booking. We have more on how to power flush coming soon.