Leaking Water Tank

Leaking Water Tank Problems And Cures

Find yourself with a leaking water tank problem and looking for a cure. Martin an experienced emergency plumber will explain what the best think to do.
Leaking Water Tank

  1. Leaking Overflow on tank.
  2. Leaking water tank hole.
  3. leak at Isolation connecting to ball cock also know as the float operating valve.
  4. Leak at pipework near water storage tank.
  5. Split leaking water tank.
  6. Water leaking from pipe going over tank.
  7. Leak coming from joint of outlet from tank.
  8. Leaking gate valve.

How can I fix a leaking water tank without requiring an emergency plumber

In most cases, a leaking water tank can be fixed by an easy fix but is very important if your going to attempt fixing any of these leaks that you going to do it with the best advice which were going to help you out with below.

Leaking Overflow on tank

Leaking Overflow On Tank
A leaking overflow on the tank is a common cause of a faulty ball cock which is also known as a float operating valve part 1 or part 2. A cheaper way to fixing a float operating valve is by replacing the valve but in some cases as experienced, the valve is then weaker and no longer under manufactures guarantee. To get a complete guarantee it is always best to get a plumber to replace the valve so that it is up to the latest british standard and will not be a problem in the close future.

Leaking water tank hole

Leaking Tank
If you find that your leaking water tank is leaking at the inlet valve hole then in most case this is because the overflow is not to the correct height or may even be not level. Another reason can be that the water pressure is that high the overflow can’t take the pressure. If this is the case then this become a job for an emergency plumber and to complicated as either a pressure reducing valve is required or the tank and the support needs replacing.

leak at Isolation valve connecting to ball cock also know as the float operating valve

Leaking Isolation Valve To Ballcock
In some cases when you find a leak at the Isolation valve connection to the ball valve, it is the fibre washer or the ball washer within the Isolation valve. Most commonly it’s going to be the fibre washer which by turning the Isolation valve off with a flat headed screw will Isolate the water so that you can replace the washer. Unfortunately by turning the Isolation valve off in some cases is the reason for the leak which then will need a replacement by turning off the mains waster stopcock.

Leak at pipework near water storage tank

Leaking Pipe Near Tank
A leaking pipe near the water tank is most cause by the cold weather due to the location, the only way this is normally dealt with for any problems and cured is to first make sure all pipe is fully lagged and not open to the air. The more spent on lagging the better chance that will not be paying more in the future for the amount of damage that the cold weather will cause. Other reason for leaking pipes are knock and wear and tear due to age. It is very important when the plumber has fitted the pipework that the pipes have been fully cleaned.

Split leaking water tank

Split In Hot Water Tank
If you find you have a split in your tank and want a temporary fix then the only action to tank may be fixed by using a silicone called the Plumbers Gold. This is a new silicone that was developed in 2013 just for plumber when requiring silicone to stop the leaking underwater and also setting, again under the water.

Water leaking from pipe going over tank

Water Leaking From Pipe Above Tank
If you find you have water leaking from the pipe that goes over the tank this may either be due to bad central heating maintenance commonly by so called DIY plumbers or the over heat stat is not working on the central heating system and the water is venting out. For the type of leaking water tank problem and cured the only thing to to is replace the thermostat which you may need either a Gas Safe Register engineer or a plumber depending on the location of the central heating stat.

Leak coming from joint of outlet from tank

Leaking Joint On Water Tank
If you find a leak at the pipework connection to the water tank then you will need to drain down the tank fully and inspect. The problems may be cause by with age, knocking or the storage tank has over heated and the tank has started to bulge causing a bad form on the tank. The only type of cures for the water tank is for it to be replaced completely by a fully qualified plumber.

Leaking gate valve

Leaking Gate Valve
The leaking gate valve is either cause by a fibre washer going due to a weakness which can also be cause by age or the gland is leaking due to maintenance in other areas. Unless you are very skilled you may need an emergency plumber to solve this or you may need to partly drain down the central heating or the hot water system. In most cases, it is always better completely replace the gate valve than repair due to the valve furring up and unable to get a complete stop on any water passing through.

Other Leaking Water Tank Problems Cut Not Such Cures

Other problems when it comes to having a leaking water tank are the old galvanised tank that once ¬†they start corroding, they just can’t stop and if you want us to recommend an emergency plumber then please give us a call, unless you can Isolated the water and can wait patiently. We will get you an engineer over to you immediately.