Midnight Plumber 24 hour emergency & boiler breakdown service

If you have an emergency plumbing job and looking for a midnight plumber, then we are your best contact to call. We are a plumbing emergency specialist covering all your plumbing and gas leaks. We have staff on 24-hours taking your calls and organising an emergency plumber to call out to your property within 2-hours. Our aim is to get to your property within 30 to 90-minutes but we have to be know to arrive as close as 10-minutes of booking as mentioned in some of our plumbing reviews.

When looking for a midnight plumber, you will find that we cover a huge area. Maybe you need a midnight gas engineer for a boiler repair or maybe you have water pouring through your ceiling. All we ask is you pay the deposit for the call-out fee/booking charge and we will do the rest. We have a 99% success rate of getting to your property within the stated time and if we dont make it within the time, you are within your rights to cancel and request your deposit back.

Midnight Plumber

Midnight Boiler Repair or breakdown

Do you have a boiler breakdown and looking for a boiler repair to be done? Cant find your local midnight plumber to call out and either fix or make safe? Martin Smith is a specialist in boiler repair and would like to assist you in getting an engineer over to you immediately.

If when calling a midnight plumber you find the boiler repair emergency may be in a dangerous state, then our advice is to try and turn the main water off. Make sure the boiler is also switched off. If you smell gas, unless you know what to do, it is very important to get advice of a gas engineer or contact the emergency gas board who may also come out and make safe to your property.

Midnight Plumbing Emergency

Most midnight plumbing emergencies that are not due to use or accidental happen between the hours when the water pressure is at its highest. The time of of when the midnight plumbing emergency is most likely to happen is between the hours of midight to 6 in the morning.

Martin Smith is an emergency plumber and an emergency gas engineer who also explains we do get plenty of emergencies before midnight and early morning such as the time between 6am and 8am when the occupant is most likely getting out of the bath but also finding they have a leak of some sort. The morning rush can have it's own proplems causing accidental damage as a midnight plumbing or gas emergency also.

Outside Midnight plumbing & gas emergencies

As an emergency plumbing specialist, we also are 24 hours working in the daytime or at night. We have over 400 engineers register. Some 24-hour, others only covering the daytime. If your an emergency plumber that is interested in taking work as a midnight plumber then please register your details here at plumbing register.

We believe all midnight plumbers carry all emergency plumbing materials, however if there is anything required that is not under the required list, then dont expect the emergency plumbing or gas engineer to carry this.