Plumbing In Space - Will there be People living in Space within the next 10 years.

With recent predictions, there guessing that there should be over 1000 or more people living in Space but what cost will this bring to the plumbing in space. Just below is some interesting plumbing in space info-graphics that give you an idea of what it costs at present to get water into space.

What would heppen if there is a water leak or a burst pipe and what would you do if requiring an Emergency Plumber in Space?

At present there are some great scientists that are more qualified than plumbers themself's. These scientists are working on the plumbing aspects of how the plumbing installation is going to be, but like anything until it is tested there will always be upgrades. Please add this info-graphic to your site and share these ideas. Please follow us on Twitter @plumber24hours

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