Gas Safe Certificate App

Gas Safe Certificate App For Android & IOS

Gas Safe Certificate App
Martin Smith an Emergency Plumber from Manchester explains about a new App for Android & IOS App and has been updated to meet the customers and the Gas Safe Engineers requirements. This App was founded by Joe Falcone. Joe Falcone realised there was a gap in the market for an easy to use and affordable system for completing and sending gas safety records, warning notices & electrical cross bonding records. Just below is some useful information.

If you haven’t got the iPhone App for the Gas Safe Certificate, then it may be a good idea to get it now. As since 2012 the IOS App for the iPhone has been available and has been reported to be very useful but the only downside was, that it wasn’t available in the android version until now.

As of November 2013 the App is now available in the Android & IOS. Gas Safe Engineers can now use the Gas Safe Certificate App saving paperwork and further costs, rather than having the paperwork hanging around.

The Gas safety App allows gas safety engineer to complete gas safe certificate, warning notices and cross bonding records and automatically email completed certificates to clients. User also have access to there own online database. On the database there is storage with all completed certificates, clients and job details where can get full data and sent to your customers.

New gas engineers to this app will get a free trial to this app allowing them to have up to 3 customers stored before they decide to buy the app. Once the engineer is found to be satisfied in the app after 3 users, then the gas safe engineer will pay 30p per customer they do a gas safe certificate for. There is no hidden fees or subscription charge.

The Easy Safety Cert app can be download for free onto iPhone, iPad and Android devices, just search ‘ESC GasCert’ in iTunes and Google Play.

This app also allows a remind to precious customers before and lets you know almost a year later than the previous customer is due for there next gas safe certificate. This will help you contact your previous customer helping them to remember who they had to there house so that they don’t need to do the hard work in try to find there previous gas engineer.

An example from one of our previous gas engineers in Wigan had replied on the customer calling them but until the gas safety certificate, he is now able to contact the customer through the previous data without no hassle or future complications. Gas Safety Certificate are a very important part of the house inspection and must be taken very serious. The gas safe certificate app is also taken very serious.

If you would like to use this app then visit the site, which is printed within the picture at the top right and side. If your an emergency plumber or a gas safe engineer then feel free to request to join our database of engineers by sending us an email to

There are also news on other apps such as the Boiler Fault Finder App.

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